Opinions on this group description?

“Selfish, greedy men of Vesteria who believe in Varkoras’s ideals, those being that they can unite Vesteria under one Emperor and end all conflict between the three factions, the Servants are evil men that worship Varkoras, a power-hungry Warlock who seeks nothing but the power to rule over Vesteria. The Servants are mysterious, and not much is known other than the fact that they reside primarily deep in the Enchanted Forest and have been gathering an Army for the past few decades.”

If you want to join, the name of the guild is “Servants of Varkoras.”

The ranking system works like so:
There are three ranks for each class, to indicate which ranks are for which class there is a [A] Adventurer, [M] (Mage), [H] (Hunter), or [W] (Warrior) infront of each rank. The ranks are:

[A] Worshipper - Adventurer below level 10

[W] Dark Spawn - Newly joined Warrior

[W] Fiend - Warrior that has been approved of by a leader or Class Head.

[W] Black Warrior - Head Warriors

[H] Shade - Newly joined Hunter

[H] Slayer - Hunter that has been approved of by a leader or Class Head.

[H] Silencer - Head Hunter

[M] Acolyte - Newly joined Mage

[M] Dark Disciple - Mage that has been approved of by a leader or Class Head.

[M] Master of Darkness - Head Mage

The Council - Rulers of the guild

The Black Sentinel - Oversees the Shadow Hunters

The Dark Harbinger - Oversees the Black Knights

Varkoras the Powerful - Oversees the guild and Dark Mages

Opinion? Reminds me of S.I.L.E.N.T.

Do you like the idea?
It can be changed if no one likes it, I just thought it sounded pretty cool.

I don’t dislike it. Certainly interested to see where it all goes.

Thank you!

I think the evil warlock sounds like the Court Mage from ur lore @GeneralOmegus… Maybe you two can work together and make some sort of guild lore thingies…

That could be pretty neat

Reminds me of an RCL war group I used to be in, I believe they go by G.R.I.M now.

i should make a guild called Eager Destructiveness Guy EDGE LORDS E.D.G.E for short