Opinions needed - What do you HATE about vesteria?

  • Another thing I hate about Vesteria is our “bumpy” parts of our community

be respectful?


In my eyes, you just want the game to be easier. You don’t want want to grind a lot for good stuff or pay for stat resets, but you can’t seem to understand that everything comes with a price. Remember when death penalty was added? That’s because the devs wanted Vesteria to be more challenging and harder. By making the grind easier or resetting stats every time there’s a big stat update, that would ruin the whole point of making this game harder. Besides, if we got free stat resets, everyone would just change their build to the meta, and that would make reset tomes useless. Berezaa wants to shape Vesteria into HIS game, and not become a slave of the community. If you want an easier game, then I guess Vesteria just isn’t for you.

I don’t see how having a well-informed, respectful debate about an issue that one believes should be brought to light in Vesteria is problematic, although I will say that it’s most of the time better to make an individual topic about it and continue the debate there rather than have a long debate about it in a topic which does not entirely pertain to it.

I haven’t actually read the entire debate yet, so I’ll check it in a second, but as far as the post you screenshot showed, it seemed fine, albeit a bit scattered and poorly formatted.

Edit: Never mind, everyone in the argument just made ad hominem replies and escalated it to the point of nonsense.

another one:

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I have no problem with a game being difficult, however spamming abilities in the same area for 20 hours to get to your desired level is not difficult, it’s simply tedious and pointless. I have no problem with the death penalty, though I don’t really think it has much purpose, it does not really bother me that much since it’s quite hard to die in vesteria. The part of grind I dislike is the repetitive, boring nature of it. Difficulty is fine, and even good at times, but grind is not the same thing as difficulty. For example, whenever you reach a boss battle in a game, it’s usually quite difficult, but the boss has interesting mechanics, attack patterns, and a specific goal to beat the boss or to get away from it. Maybe it one shots you and you have to get perfect at dodging, or maybe you can only beat it with a specific item that you acquired along the way and you have to use hints you’ve found to find the solution. THAT is difficulty. Simply spamming cooldowns on an island for hours is not difficult, it’s just boring and defeats the purpose of the game, considering games are meant to be forms of entertainment. On the topic about stat resets. I’ve gone through this before, but I have said a lot of things so let me go through this once more. Bereeza changed the stat points because he wanted to change the META and make variation for people to find their best stat points set. That is perfectly fine! But think about it! He changed stat points because there was a problem, the problem was that everyone had pretty similar builds like mages going all INT, warriors only putting into STR and VIT, and hunters only putting into DEX and STR. There was no variation, and I think it’s a good thing to change it up to make it different. However, simply changing the use of stats does not fix the problem. After you change the use of stats, if you don’t reset stats for every user, everyone still has the exact same stats as they had before! So has the problem been fixed? No!, the problem is still there for a while until people acquire new stat reset tomes and decide what to put their points into. And you may reply to this, “Well you can buy a stat reset tome for only 50 silver from an npc!”. Well, that may be fine if you started playing the game more recently, but there has been at least 2 stat changes I am aware of, and simply 1 stat reset tome is not enough if your build was ruined after it was changed the second time. And to that you may say “Well you can farm a stat reset tome from forsaken isle! it’s possible to obtain one!”. To that, I say that the developers forcing you to go to forsaken isle, which already costs 100 silver and a long waste of your time on a ship to get to, but has no guarantee of dropping a stat reset for hours to days, or if you’re unlucky, maybe much much longer. Not only that, but forsaken isle has had very significantly reduced spawnrates, so it makes it even more grindy, repetitive, and boring. Lastly, I agree, it is their game, and they have the right to do what they want, and it is his right to make Vesteria whatever he wants. However, completely ignoring his community is quite ridiculous, just as the community ignoring the wishes of the developers is also ridiculous. I will end with this. Vesteria is NOT a difficult game in any way at the moment! It is not hard to get to level 49, it is simply tedious and boring. If you think that is difficult, you clearly have not gone through much difficulty in your life.

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For some reason a little bit of the text gets cut off at the end, I tried editing it back in but it still doesn’t work. You can tell what I’m trying to say though.

As newly appointed regular I bestow the power to say stop arguing that’s off topic make a post for this stuff, the op did not want this discussion. They wanted a simple post on things you hate not your damn thesis on fairness.

what I hate about vesteria is that there’s still people looking to argue wherever you go, even if this game ain’t pvp based

this isn’t ber’s fault tho so shHHhH

Game needs to be harder tbh, we need bosses that require teamwork instead of that one OP subclass using powerful attacks on it. Hopefully the dragons and drakes will give us that.

Bandit camp money thieves.

We’ve all done it, and it needs to stop.

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There’s going to be DRAGONS?



I cant see 3 feet in front of me without the fking fog in the way, it looks cool in enchanted forest but everywhere is annoying asf

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The uppcoming orb system where your basicly forced to look for the orb to unlock or uppgrade new abbilties which basicly just slows the game down for the sake of slowing it down ,How people see this as “Fun” is beyond me.

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cuz i’m pretty sure people aren’t ability locked to their class, saying if your a ranger, you could have shadow flurry or whatever.
also I heard subclasses are getting removed(?)

Well, I like the idea.

Dragons AND Drakes! Hopefully it will be connected to warrior stronghold


Yeah I agree finding the orb every time I lvl up might get tedious after awhile especially if it’s in nilgarf and I’m in the dunes with no money .

Yeah. Forsaken Isle is connected to Port Fidelio, Spider Queen’s Revenge is connected to Tree of Life, so whatever dungeon or area or whatever has Dragons and Drakes, it would make the most sense for it to be connected to Warrior Stronghold. If the devs start adding new maps they’ll most likely be connected to Redwood Pass and Enchanted Forest.

I find it SO WEIRD that Warriors and Mages only have one location in between the Great Crossroads and their faction base while Hunters have two. I hate that. Why can’t it be the same for all 3? I think they had the right idea removing Seaside Path, and I think they should do so again. The “No More Crabbys” Quest guy would be in Scallop Shores. There would be no separate Crabby Den location. You don’t see Redwood Pass with a “Treemuk Forest” or Enchanted Forest with a “Goblin City”. Instead, their spawns are localized in certain areas scattered across the map. It should be the same with Crabbys.

It’s not that big of a deal but I just can’t stand it.