Opinion story time!

So I’ll be honest. I found Vesteria a few months ago, and I absolutely loved it. 2 months later, I forgot about it and left the game for the summer. Soon I come back and find Vesteria in jumbles. I will love Vesteria, bad updates or no. I think the game is amazing, for Roblox. I wanted to say, that there is a whole community, that plays Vesteria, who aren’t on the forum, or discord. Most of that community loves Vesteria and wants little change. So right now I’ll voice my opinion. The game doesn’t need a remake! It just needs more content, and maybe other changes. But to me that’s it. But I know that not everyone has the same opinion I do. I also know, that I might receive hate for my opinion. But honestly, idc. I love Vesteria. But. Berezaa and all the other devs, If you want to change it, go ahead. I will follow. The devs of Vesteria inspire me, how they climb through all the hate and continue building up Vesteria. So, Devs, if you want to change/remake the game, go ahead! Do whatever! Its yours! Anyway thats it. Thanks for reading!

If you have something mean to write in the comments, just don’t. Feedback and other comments is encouraged though. Thanks for wasting your time with me!


No hate please ;-;

The games not even out yet, of couse they’re gonna release it for free in 2020. (sorry if this sounds mean)

Right. Are they gonna do more updates before that?


Let me guess…