Opinion On Mages

What do you think about mages? I personally love them. They are one of my favorites since all it is, is magic!

Ugly robes

I don’t like the color of the acolyte robes, I’d rather wear city guard pads but at least better looking robes are coming.

i like mage but i want to be able to use zap


good look’in mages are coming

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damn those be looking fresh

is zap going to be fixed in the upcoming update?

It’s listed under the upcoming update so I’m pretty sure that’s a Yes.

this is cool and all but tell me

warriors aren’t getting left behind, right?

whats a warrior?

Warriors are too far ahead to be left behind any time soon.

lookin’ *

bad Ber use ur apostrophes correctly! (idk im bored alright)


It said my shirt is here, but i can’t find it in my mail or in front of my house

This isn’t the right place to say this, just private message him.