Open World PVP/Reputation system

Having some form of an Open world pvp as an end game content. And maybe a Reputation system later on would be an awsome edition to the pvp. Just imagine this some certian area of the game will be high level pvp zones where you can fight powerfull mobs and such. But at the same time you’d risk the encounters of facing players who maybe wants to keep his farming spot for him self.

And in cause this becomes to greify we could maybe have a thing such as reputation system. Lets say you kill alot of innocent players and such you’d start to get bad reputation and people would good reputation have an option to put a bounty on your head. Meanwhile people with bad reputation are abe to set upp an assassination contract upon Bounty hunters and such. Reputation could come in place with gameplay wise aswell lets say you if you have a ton of bad reupation and a bounty on your head some towns will refuse to let you in/have the guards turn hostile towards you, while in some town where only bad reputation/criminals allowed in. Bad reputation would also be able to use the “black market” to buy some gear and such for realtive cheap price maybe even some speffic gears and such. While players with good reputation would be able to get a good discount from merchants depending on how good their reputation is.

P.S sorry for bad grammar, english is not my first language.


The Lack Of English Skills Doesn’t Matter, Your Point Still Got Across Really Well. It Is Also Pretty Great, As I Was Thinking Something Similar With The Reputation.

I really like the idea of having reputation and the ways it could effect gameplay.