Open a sweets shop in Mushtown

According to Berezaa,

So I came up with a silly idea of opening the only sweets shop in all of Vesteria.
So I got a random building…

…and spruced it up a bit!

Here’s what they have:

Sugary Drink
Gives Agility and Speed

Candy Corn
Gives Strength

Jelly Beans
Gives one of every stat (very useful)

Candy themed gear would be pretty cool for an event or something, too.

jelly beans op nerf

dude its +1 INT, DEX, STR and VIT, not like +10 of every stat

actually it’s also +1 stamina greed, jump height, speed, agility, etc

if thats the case then it would be worth 100s (to correspond with the op-ness)


nice and simple idea

I’ll buy 50 crates of Shroom Soda thank you very much

Maybe a very OP perk for the soda but adds sugar crash later?

tHeN iLL hAvE tO bUy uNLIMITED sOdA to nOt hAvE suGaR rUSh

laughs in sugar drunk

Can we Kidnap I mean hire gnomes for free to work in the sweat shop?

N O S L A V E R Y A L L O W E D !
we dont allow it here.

Dude do you know what spiders essence is?

yes, i do.

do you know what it does?

it basiclly gives +1 DEX, INT, STR and VIT for the cost of a bit of your hp

and you disagree with this?

if jelly beans were added it would fine if it gave +1 of every stat in the game (not just INT, DEX, STR and VIT)
with one condition.
being sold at 100s.

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so your saying 1% of stuff like greed and crit chance for 100s