OP Hunter Tomahawks

Hey Vesterian’s, I recently upgraded two tomahawks with ancient scrolls and it worked. I don’t need them anymore so I figured I would post something in case any hunters would like a strong weapon. They aren’t the best because they were tested for a second ancient scroll and did not get it but nonetheless they have STR stats on them and they are better than most. Let me know if you are interested!

try a 3rd one and lemme know :wink:

just did, got it to 88 +1str

Welp, I guess some one else can take that then xD

whats your weapon?

I would like one

find me around nilgarf

I would like one too, im a hunter :smiley:

Also a hunter. Would be pretty nice if I got one!

Sure, we could meet online somewhere!

Of course!

Where we meeting e.e @doomroblox


wrong category but a very nice sale

(use marketplace next time)

gotcha, mb


I’ve got a tomahawk with an ancient scroll on it and 6 slots, a +33 +1str and a +32 +1 str.

BOI IM ON Nilgaarf rn!


ima just chill here then, whats your user?