OP Hunter Tomahawks V2

Just got some +2 Ancient Tomahawks with 5 empty slots. This means +24 and +2 STR. Reply any offers!

Oh wow, what would you like for it?

Gimme gimme lol

hmm I want 3 successfully ancient enchanted tomahawks with 6 slots. :smiley:

lol wut, 6 slots? that’s impossible

ummm think again

I think he means three separate tomahawks each with an ancient on it and no fails or other scrolls


exactly, now I realize that my phrasing was a bit confusing…

Didn’t see that s LOL

Oh, my bad, didn’t see this post. Mine isn’t that good so…

What is the reason of your reply?

i assume it’s him showing off his pog like tomahawk.

That tomahawk is decent, far from “god-like”.

okay i edit post

Someone showed their tomahawk, and I decided to show mine. We have the right to reply.

if you can get it to deal 100+ damage, ill trade 13 ancients wink wink

ye im okay!

Flagged and reported. Hope you get banned, sucker!

What did he say…?