Omg my weapon broke!

I’m pretty sure you can guess what this category is about.

Simply put, I believe that weapons should have durability and should be repairable with gold.

So. The Richer Get Poorer? Since The Richer Will Mainly Be The Ones Who Kill Many Enemies Meaning More Fixes. Basically It Makes The Game Have A Lower Price Gap.

First of all, if you are rich, then you wouldn’t be poor.
Second of all, stop only making negative comments, it affects the communitie’s moral.
Third, the higher level the weapon is, the higher the durability, you should think before you respond.
Maybe make comments like, oh, I don’t know, “maybe the weapon’s durability should be upgradable, or maybe there should be a stat where a weapon cannot break” I want feedback like that, not negative opinions.

Furthermore, it is too easy to make gold in the game, so this would limit the amount of gold you can make.

It’s Too Early Now, Remember The Game Is Early In Development. I Just Make Assumptions For What The Game Could Be Like In The Future, Though I Really Shouldn’t Do That.

These are IDEAS so of course it is too early, we are making suggestions for future update, you don’t have any common sense.

How Does, Saying Something May Change The Entire Gameplay Mean That When I Say It Does Change The Entire Gameplay Mean I Am Senseless?

Please read this again and re-read your statement and adjust it. I said nothing about it affecting gameplay.

Fixing Weapons Does Affect Gameplay Though.

It actually does.
For instance, if you make 20,000 gold per hour by killing mobs, and it costs you 7,000 gold to repair your weapon, then that gold per hour would be limited to 13,000 gold. So it does actually affect the game play, the pace at which you progress.

If you read this, then you would have understood.

repairable weapons? no just NO. weapons that break in games is the worst.
imagine grinding for HOURS to get a rare weapon just for it to go * poof *


After the weapon breaks, you will be able to repair it of course, it will just cost more. This is a magical game after all.

by the way, this is a bad way of looking at things. It wasn’t even a negative comment. he simply said that he thought that this would make a smaller price gap, nothing negative

If it isn’t a downside to the idea that was imposed then what else is it. I see nothing that supports the idea that was given in his response.

yeah but I hate games with such mechanic
I know it wouldn’t disappear but what if it breaks during a boss raid right before the boss is about to die?
what even is the point of investing in to a weapon if it can just break and require more maintenance?

not everything has to be

it can just be a comment on your idea or statement

and sure. making cash is easy but you spend even more on scrolling weapons and upgrading them, its not cheap pall.

As shown here, and noting the options that the devs gave, you know that Vesteria is supposed to be difficult for those who are hardcore gamers.

Secondly, “Tight, rewarding combat” won over 32% of the community on the survey, so I’m pretty sure this system would be liked more than disliked by people similar to you.

If you were to make the game too easy, then it would just be like every other game on roblox.