Okay.. Let's See

Let’s Count How Many New Things We Will Have In This Update For Week 16.
The Giant Fire Boar As Well As Regular Boars
New Skills For Hunter And Warrior
Warrior Area
New Chat Bubbles
New Fire
Attribute Balancing.

Can Anyone Else Add Any More?

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We will also have regular boar enemy’s in the warrior HQ

How Do You Know That?

  • some additional balance charges for already existing perks and abilities

Cuz they spoiled regular boar enemies b4 the lit boar

But How Do You Know They’ll Be In The Warrior’s Area?

And yes, from now on it’s called “the lit boar”

I Don’t Like The Word ‘Lit’ It Doesn’t Go Down Very Well With Me.

That was also leaked


Lit lit lit liiiiiit

Fire boar? Pretty sure it’s wearing a red warrior outfit.

It’s Eyes Are Literally On Fire…

Also more armor for warrior because that warrior on the fire boar had a new one on him.


yea, that. (idk how to quote something)

You Highlight It And Then Click The “Quote” Button.

I guess like this

Looks hot.


Fantastic Joke! Ahahahah…

Also there is gonna be a new beach area or something… (From @sk3let0 Twitter)

Tropical Beach To Be Specific!