Ok, so what next? (i need suggestions)

As you guys know, i just recently hit level 30 on an adventurer for meme power.

I’ve been thinking now, what else should i do?
i already have a level 30 hunter, and a level 30 adventurer.

what else should i do? i have plans for my third slot, but since i have an alt, what should i do with the alt? i already have a level 15 mage in there.

Post your suggestions!



Make your adventurer a warrior maybe, but don’t spend any stat points

thats stupid.

i like it.

but i plan on not picking any classes

Get friends idk

how does one get friends?

Have Friends.

but the methods are impossible, me having friends is basically the same percentage of getting a +7 all ancient weapon!

Look at yourself and think about all the things you could of done instead of lvling to 30 with an adventurer

Get another adventurer to level 30 using the stick, city guard pads, and the mushroom hat

Or, just not have to buy any gear, all your gear will be from drops

get a life

all the things i can do instead of leveling to 30 with an adventurer?

g r i n d m o r e ?

life is expensive i dont have money :sob:

Sorry, I should’ve took that into consideration before making my post. You should make a Patreon to save up to buy a life.