OK Should I really drop 800 on this game?

Fr, I have the money and everything. I’ve also gotten level 10 on the demo because why not. I’m just afraid I might get bored of it. What do you guys think?

It’s epic. If you like grinding get it. (remember it’s in alpha, don’t expect updates every day.)

If you overplay it, you will get bored. You can buy it now if you’d like, or you can wait 5 or 6 months until beta.

If you are a grindy gamer, feel free to buy it in Alpha for 800 Robux.

If you wish to play this except with much more content, consider purchasing Beta for 100 Robux when it comes.

or if you play miners haven, get the game because you can get a free upgrader

buy it for alpha reward, headstart in beta, +miners haven upgrader

Basically what everyone else said

It’ll receive updates regularly but not everyday, but it’s definitely worth buying for the alpha rewards as you’ll be cooler than everybody else once the game is finished

As of now in alpha there is content up to about level 20ish, but an update is coming with the first major boss fight (the great Spider Queen) that’s recommended for high levels. Most definitely worth looking into

YES YES I WASTED 10$ you should to its not a waste its a amazingcd29joynmvn11 game alot of grind 0 story

i suggest not buying the game it has barely anything to do sure theres the spider queen coming but thats it not much else to do it has a huge level gap wait for it to have more content

The game is meant to be played with other people, so imo unless you join a guild (more specifically, The Company) I think you will probably get bored rather quickly. There isn’t a lot of content past lvl 20, and that’s the main problem with the game right now, Personally however I still enjoy the game.

To be honest, don’t buy it— yet.

The game isn’t worth its price— yet. Both the developers and players understand that Vesteria gets boring very quickly after level 10. I recommend buying Vesteria after the Spider Queen release. That way you have more content to play around with.