Ok im beyond confused

Well idk what topic to put this in so ill put it in off topic so pretty much a few people now have gotten the regular rank and ive meet the requirements it says needed for regular but i still dont have it so idk whats going on and now im a sad boy anyone maybe know why i dont have it?

read that and check the requirements for regular.

in yo face

Haha I got Regular today :DDD

I did and ive meet all of them so idk whats going on…

idk only thing I know is u probly dont meet one of these… but maybe u do idk

I compared our profiles and the only thing that it might be is i need more topic responses so idk bc ber and them may have change some requirements it seems like 100 days down to 50.

i already talked to you about this. You haven’t met the requirements. No one has.

y ppl want this reglar bag u guys r big dumb who wuld want a walmart bag i dont get u noobs!!!1211111