Oh my, I found an exotic chair that looks like a Cabbage Mage!

@headlessmicrowave How do you think it would taste?

The chair attacks, too!

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big l0l



A lot of chair appreciators are enjoying the presence of this interesting chair :thinking:

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the only true cabbage mage is berezaa

That chair is branded as “Comfy_Chair”… with means that this chair is a bit complicated.

The Incorrect Way

  • The Chair is regarded as comfortable which means it was sat on many times as abuse.

  • Recall that people only sit on seats and a single sitting on a chair is to taste it.

  • Chair May taste very bad if this case is true. Not recommended for any chair-eater.

The correct way

  • It can be said this chair is called “Comfy_Chair” since it is comfortable being eaten or it simply asks “Are you comfortable eating chairs?”

  • The Chair may taste like cabbage upon eating. Recommended for healthy chair-eater.


Chair is more humanoid than normal chairs, I don’t recommend eating if it is unsightly.


-To add, the chair also has a staff which may attack, It’s branded in magic, which is cool on it’s own. However, the magic may hide it which makes it hard to find. Because of the staff I would recommend it for ANY chair eater, as eating it may get you killed.