OH LAWD, HERE HE COMES AGAIN (1.1 spoiler compilation)

I am back once again to satisfy your needs for knowledge and you know what that means (I got extremely bored and decided to compile all the spoilers so the community would stop asking about ‘‘when is the update coming out devs? why are you taking so long???’’)

I will have to make this into multiple segments since this post will probably be about 1000 words long (god save me)

General Improvements

In this category I will go over what bug fixes, new additions and simply things that I cannot classify as changes to the 3 main factions

Hunter town

As all of you, hopefully, know Hunter HQ is coming to in the upcoming 1.1 updates to vesteria and it is being promised to be the BIGGEST city as of right now + this city will have CANNONS that launch you around the map so you don’t have to walk for 3 hours to walk from point A to point B.
Images of the upcoming Port Town:
Brief history: The gist of the port city is that it was once a prestigious city with stone houses and rich traders but at some point, it got abandoned for reasons. After a long time, the hunter faction came along and used the abandoned city as their base of operations but because none of them were builders (duh) all they could build was wooden shacks and slight modifications to the old stone homes

Little pump is no more

This is true! Lil. Pump. is going to be replaced by the 3 faction representatives which will describe their faction and reason why you should join warriors and not stinky mages or hunters

Legs? I don't need that!

disclaimer, you might still need your legs

Runes stones or as I like to call them ‘‘teleport stones’’ will be an addition in the 1.1 update that will let you teleport from city to city. you will be able to buy these at the respective towns and the faction HQ’s

Better than wood I guess?

Bluesteel chests will be a thing now!
they will be like golden chests but instead of giving you some ULTRA RARE item that is 1 of a kind (for you at least) they will give you some basic tier armour and weaponry for that area, meaning that if you find a bluesteel chest in the mushroom forest you might get yourself some mushrooms, a rake, and some other trinkets

can we get an ''F'' for our fellow grinders?

haHA I fooled you, this will be 2 spoilers in 1

  1. shop redesign, now your inventory and shop will merge together when you start speaking to a shopkeeper.
  2. big changes are coming to scrolling. scroll prices are looking to be significantly increased + I have heard rumours that you will be no longer able to acquire red and blue scrolls from the monsters so stock up on them!


Mages rejoice! (and hunters too)

Now if you hold the button to activate a spell that throws a projectile it will let you aim the projectile instead of auto-throwing it and potentially missing the target or even worse, hitting the ceiling

now THIS is what I call quality of life!




Yes cannons, hunter city, people go boom boom far into the air

MAGE CHANGES (Important!)

Mages rejoice as your prays have been heard! you are getting a rework in almost EVERY way (it’s a good time to be a mage main)

Gear up Spunk

Mages are receiving TWO NEW SETS of armour + a new staff for all of your bashing needs <3

Now I'm here, Now I'm there

The teleport ability is getting a visual rework, rejoice!

Don't Taze me, bro!

Zap now works, rejoice mages as you now have a working low-cost spell for dealing damage!

TNT but with magic

Mage bomb is getting a compleat rework, now it looks WAY nicer and has a bigger hitbox so you can hit your targets easier


Fang or a weapon?

Hunters are getting a new melee weapon… that is it… yeah ik, deal with it ( warriors got nothing ;-; )


Things I found somewhere that hasn’t been shown by the developers

Fishing sounds

we are getting sounds for fishing 'n stuff
listen to it here:

Goblins go OOF

remember the goblins from berezas dev. stream? no? well too bad, this is how they sound
also yeah, we are getting goblins, they are a lvl 9 monster

Fire in a new way!

new sounds for fire everywhere in the game:

Cannon go BOOM

Remember the cannon I talked about earlier in this post?
yeah, well this is how it sounds:

there were a bunch of other things I wanted to show but they aren’t loading in properly so RIP (will update this post if my PC stops being poo poo)

As I said this is the BIGGEST update yet so uhh… have patience? please? If not for the devs. then for me? (I’m legit getting annoyed at all the people complaining about there being 0 updates)

so yea. I hope you enjoyed me rambling about things we are getting in the next update
as always, I wish you a happy day and plz give me likes I want badges remember to stay cool


Hopefully, this update keeps us fully interested for a month so something like this won’t happen again with the community. Getting quite a bulk amount of new stuff, even though I would have much rather half and half.

do remember that something… unfortunate happened to berezaa + the team had to move since their accelerator program ended so they had a busy month but at least it will be worth it

another thing is that something like a boss or a raid or a dungeon will definitely take more then a week to make so you will have to wait this long either way

Yeah, but at least announce if it is going to be delayed the second time, not everyone understands or can sympathize when there’s a single delay as well as a rough EDR.

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I think you got me wrong. He said it would release the Friday or Saturday from that announcement, but didn’t end up releasing it. He may have meant today or tomorrow this week but he didn’t make it exactly clear. Everybody got hyped up last week til it didn’t release last Saturday.

As soon as possible, Hm? Lets hope it comes out this weekend.

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In addition, when someone asks him when the update is coming in-game, the question sorta goes over his head.

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and then they said that they will drop the whole ‘‘update every 2 weeks’’ thing and will just post updates whenever they are ready (can’t give a reference because I didn’t bookmark it :confused:)

Yeah, I saw that too. I just hope it doesn’t take 3+ weeks to release updates regularly, but rather more frequent updates that will improve the game a little bit over the course of every few days or week.

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tbh same

We didn’t pay robux for delayed updates, huh? Most of us were expecting everything to go smoothly and regular updates, but that’s not always the case unfortunately.

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I paid Robux to play the game, not to play a rushed game.
idk about you

since i am a HUGE fan of Fantastic Frontier I know a little bit about patients (updates for that game take up to 7 months or more)

Yeah, I share your viewpoint, but i’m kind of used to a lot of devs not following schedules at this point, even with how talented berezaa and his team are. Hopefully in the future the momentum of updates increases where it’s consistent.

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The zap and magic bomb link are the same

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Thanks for this useful topic!


thanks for pointing that out. It’s easy to miss or missplace something in these large topics

I would personally rather have constant patches whenever a new feature is added than stocking up for a big update.
Think it bodes better for the future/long term grindability.


an update is an update :man_shrugging:
better then them being silent
just enjoy the game

But things get boring after doing the same thing a while. There needs to be more to do after exploring all the areas and getting good gear. Vesteria currently lacks fun things to do when you have grinded to satisfaction.

He said he may drop the “every two weeks update”. Well, looks like he will most likely drop it.