Oh hey, Spider Boss

Hey dudes, on the discord there is a new info on that weird Red Eyed spider in Enchanted Forest
It shows what will probably look like when its not in a very dark room,

also OMG the crown so adorbs

anyways… thoughts?

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That sky is pretty nice and blue, also that’s a nice touch to the clouds.

The floor is like a checkboard

spider king

it looks cute nice

I do believe u mean queen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Berezaa joined the enchanted forest server and was talking about the update. So apparently there will be a quest that each person can only do once and it will summon a spider queen (the boss) but once it is summoned anyone can kill it. It is guaranteed to drop the dagger but normal spiders won’t drop them anymore. At least, that’s what I remember Berezaa saying. I’m afraid people will camp the summoning room though.

spider king

Reported. Don’t EVER post that again.

spider king

Reported x2. No more posting 4 u

spider king

You sir, are hence forth fired from the forums. Good day.

:spider: + :prince:

That is not a king emoji.

Imcorrect. That is the king emoji. You are a liar!

Technically if you look at it it’s the prince emoji so uh… you still lose. Spider QUEEN

so you confirm your lies

What lies?