NPC that doesn't move and has no interactions like a statue

There’s this NPC at The Clearing that doesn’t move and you can’t do anything with him at all, he just stands there as if he was a statue.

Wait… maybe he really is a statue ;o everything makes sense now!! ;O

  • It’s just likely the developers didn’t feel the need to code that specific NPC to have motion sensor or animation at all. Or, alternatively they may decide to animate that guard NPC later on in the game.

  • But judging by that the other NPC guard interacts with the player, gives a quest and so on, maybe there is no need for them to feel to animate the other NPC guard.

Still, every single NPC in the game moves at least and this one is just a statue that does nothing.
It’s a very minor bug but since It’s still a bug I’ve put it here ;p

  • It’s been there for weeks now, they probably know about the issue, but is prioritizing on game mechanics firstly before side priorities such as the NPCs.

Understandable, but as I said since It’s still a bug and something that can be fixed very easily, I’ve put it here as this will probably take nothing of time compared to the big things they might do.

  • also you don’t need to keep doing that everytime you reply to someone o.O

We’ll note it down, thanks.