NPC Community Connections

A place where all types of people gather, from mercenaries, travelers, and businesspeople. You would be able to speak with these NPCs about their occupations and receive an option to hire them. Businesspeople would be used to track stock markets and the prices of items. Travelers would show up every so often at a certain place in the map, offering you seasonal goods. Mercenaries would be summoned upon command and would help you in fighting other players, monsters, or bosses. (They would be like little recruits that go after the nearest target) Of course, you would have to pay the mercenaries money for their services, and pay an annual fee for the businesspeople for keeping track of goods for you. As for travelers, there can be an option where you choose to receive notifications on their whereabouts and where they’ll land next. If you meet them at that certain area, you can trade mushcoin for their goods.

In addition to the taverns above, there would be housing. I found this forum very descriptive and thought it would be a good idea to add it to this thread.

Along with these ideas, I also thought about how there should be a way to throw parties or celebrations in these player houses. These events would encourage players to communicate with each other and NPCs can also show up to these events. The player who hosted these parties for NPCs may receive special perks in the future.

From the housing portion above, I spoke about how players may receive perks from the NPCs. What I mean by this is that players who hosted these celebrations might get a little discount from NPCs selling items. This would encourage players to host these celebrations and involve themselves more with other players. This just might help newcomers to Vesteria make a few trustworthy friends. To continue to encourage players to host these celebrations, the discount price may go up by small percentages (Max of let’s say 10%) and players can also receive potion effects for a set amount of time as well.

These are just a few ideas I have, if you have any suggestions or comments, please reply below. :smile:

The Taverns and Hiring sounds cool, kinda sounds like a those ‘Isekai mangas/animes’.

I also like the npc trading.

I have a similar suggestion planned, I’ll quote your thread if I ever make it.

Someone said that Berezaa said that Housings will come to Vesteria in the future eventually. Though there isn’t much info about it yet.

Did I hear isekai!

Having someone/something to help you fight mobs has already been considered many times before. Not sure what you mean by a businessman keeping track of the stock market when there is no economy…

I want to give a like to this great post but I can’t aaaaaaaa.

Oh, boy! This will surely give life to vesteria!

The businessman would be like a log of recent transactions made by players. It would update every few hours or so.

@berezaa should add this, but i shall add more.

some NPC trading should give exclusive items per account, think of it as a quest, but you need to gather materials and trade it to them.