Not worth your time, ill do some more dw

hi, happened to exploit my way into a soon to be update, hoping to 1 get into the dev team and 2 get some bonus points for leaking

discord: juniorjacob#0144

all of this is disposable so bans literally wont do anything, hope to see you guys on discord hitting me up (especially berezaa, i can do more then just leak btw)

hi, didnt know this was already “leaked” ill do some more dw, might take a while


hf, gif of upcoming update!

what. you do realized that berezaa scripted this with no filter and showed us it on twitch, right?

give me time, im gonna do more dw

this makes no sense lmao

oh lmao

Thank you, Junior, I’m sorry to see you leave the forums so quickly, but we’re all glad to have had you here.

so the dude is probably doing it for the attention then

updated post, didnt know it was already “leaked”, guess ill have to actually use brainpower

yeah, and also i was responding to the actual topic than your comment, sorry.

such an elite hacker. i fear the day he removes vesteria from roblox

i heard hes already in robloxes mainframe and is stealing all our robux rn

sorry for wasting your time <3

I flagged this post for the meme, but now I want to un-flag it. Heck.