Not only are warriors insanely mobile, their abilities also deal wayyyy too much damage

So the damage is kind of rigged in a good way for warrior. It is literally the only class that is capable of dealing over 1000 damage in a single hit with Lunge or Ground Pound at level 28-30. Whereas Hunters can barely deal 800 with similar stats with Execute, despite it being a “finisher move” with a pretty long cooldown. Mage Bomb, from a level 26-28 full INT Mage, only deals at most 775, which can’t even one shot a spider. Warriors are wayyyy too hardhitting in PvE and PvP alike. Mage Bomb needs a slight damage buff, Execute needs a somewhat significant damage buff or secondary effect, and both Warrior attack skills need a slight damage nerf.

what we really need is more content for Hunters and Mages

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and more movement options for Mages and Hunters
(Horizontal Movement for Hunters, Vertical Movement for Mages)

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I deal 900 with execute and I did 70str and 20dex.

I can 1 shot spiders 90% of the time.

But I do agree with you, also, hunter’s dagger throw does less damage than rock throw, which is confusing to me.
My rock throw is 3/5 and my dagger throw is 5/5, and yet rock throw still does more, I think this is a bug.

Not only that but, if I use rock throw, then dagger throw right after, the dagger does no damage. Same with the reverse, if i use dagger throw, then rock throw, the rock throw will do no damage.

edit: nevermind, i read this wrong

Y u copy my stats (I am Jking but it’s the same lol)

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What if instead of buffing mage and possibly hunter, we just nerf warrior? O:

No, shut.

I think that the hunter’s are the weakest class currently for my own reasons.

  1. Though they are supposed to “scale” the most off of dex, most people build str cause it just makes you do more dmg than dex anyway.
  2. While mages are pretty bad early on, once they max out their magic bomb and get a good amount of int (40-60), they can out dmg a full dex hunter easily. ( with execute maxed ofc)
  3. Hunters just suck in general. they cant as much dmg as any other class the same lvl, they arnt that mobile(compaired to other classes), all they have over most of the other classes, is the fact that they have aloooooot of stamina when you get alot of dex.

i really like the hunter despite the fact that they are pretty bad rn. Hopefully the bows will make them better.

I don’t see you on the server list, wth?

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what server list? the vesteria discord?

The forum server list.

I see @K1oak_s133p on the list?

maybe its just cause i graze this forum

Ok, now I see him, must have been a bug.

Hunters do not scale off of dex. They have both ranged and physical abilities, which scale off of dex and and str respectively. Our plan for hunters is for them to have the most flexibility with how to invest their points.