Non-combat features (?)

Combat is a big factor in mmo’s, but I think things like farming, alchemy, taming, fishing, and other passive things could be a great thing to add in. Of course, I haven’t played the game yet so I’m unsure if these are already implemented in the game.

When I say farming I don’t mean the massive monster grind fest, but instead growing your materials in turn for money or crafting? Maybe even alchemy if that’s something planned.

I also read that pets and mounts might be a thing in the future, while buying or killing mobs for them is a thing; taming could be more immersive and fun. It might even attract people from all those pet simulators lol
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ik this is a lot and that the game is still in early-ish development, but maybe these could be something for the future? aa

This is a very true statement because the only other game to get close to this kind of non-combat stuff is Fantastic Frontier with things like foraging, mining, fishing and soon to be farming. this is also what caused a major downfall to Sword Burst 2, because there was never any true, new content besides new floors and weapons. Hopefully as the game goes on there will be many expansions like farming, fishing, alchemy, housing etc.

the true success of this game lies in how much work the developers want to put into making a game that truly stands out. I have high hopes for the game, Lets hope it stays that way.