No Roll-able Armor for Late Game

This is a pretty simple post, don’t think I’ve made one in quite a while.
I’ll get right to the point:
The developers have added a feature that allows certain rolls to be on enemy-dropped equipment (i.e. Dull, Keen, Swift, Vibrant, Fierce, Pristine, and Legendary) which all give special perks to the item.
The problem is, armor (SPECIFICALLY CHEST ARMOR) that has these perks is simply unavailable for lategame players because enemies don’t drop it in later stages of the game.
Is this intentional? Because if it is, I see no point for it being intentional.

If there isn’t a reason for it to not be added, then I suggest some loottables be modified.

T.L.D.R: Higher level enemies don’t drop armor, which results in it being simply impossible to get armor with modifiers.

allow me to suggest something in another thread

Blacksmith, I assume?

[Modifier scrolls](http://Modifier scrolls) this thingy right here