No matter what i bind my "open inventory" key to in settings, "e" still works to open it

so if i bind it to “h” then i can press either “e” or “h” to open it

also if i die my hotkeys reset to default regardless of what the settings menu says (ex. if i set my pick up key to “g” it’ll still say “press z to pick items up” and i can only pick items up with the “z” key

rejoining the game fixes it tho

Oh I think I actually know whats going on here.

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Yea plz fix this its kinda annoying

if you still havent fixed it, it actually makes you use whatever hotkey you joined the game with before dying (in this case it would be z). If I joined the game and my “pick up” hotkey was bound to “a,” i changed it to “b,” and died, the settings menu would show “b” but the “a” key would actually open the menu

This should be fixed

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