No Friendly Fire with Parties in Colosseum

Make it so players that are in the same party, will not be able to damage each other in the Colosseum.

This would help out with organizing team battles like 3v3, 5v5, etc.

this is already a thing, at least when I and @whale were fighting, once we entered a party I couldn’t damage him until the moment I sent him a duel request
could be wrong but this is what happened to me

You might have been at the border of the arena in Colo.

For me, I was in a party with whale and I still could hit him in coloss

nope, middle of the arena. no damage

Or maybe organize a “friendly fire mode” when you’re in a party and when it’s off, you can attack you’re own members. Only the party leader can turn it on tho

Also add health bars above people in the Colosseum.

It was a glitch.

this is so epic
thank you cube, very cool