Nilgarf Pronounciation Poll

These are now trending, so why not?

  • Nil-Gar-F
  • Nil-Gur-F
  • Nilg-Arf
  • Multiple
  • Other (Say in Comments)

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ha lol i made the first 2

But I like the idea, so I took it (if that’s ok with you).

sure idc
make more if ya like

There’s not many more… unless you count in the undead Altdorf.

We could also do Berezaa’s name.

ok do it

I’ll stretch them out over a period of time so I’m not accused of spam.

(sad only two voters) :frowning:

N-ī-griff (don’t ask why I’m weird)

its not a t its a long :eye:


Nil-garf, i bleed last 2


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I’m surprised by the number of people who say “Nilgarf” as a three syllable word (“Nil-Gar-F”) rather than a two syllable word (“Nil-Garf”). Reminds me a lot of crayon pronunciation differences (“Cray-on” and “Cran”).


I personally say it “Nil-Garf”.

I don’t know how this information is useful, perhaps it could create a funny situation with an NPC.

Just found this Twitch clip where berezaa pronounces Nilgarf. Might help out quite a bit here:

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Do you know how long I’ve been looking for that gosh darn ruby?!? and no that I know where it is Vesteria is closed :weary: Ill prob forget by the time its open again

Also if the well leads to the sewers does that mean everyones drinking sewer water? I mean in that case all the magic could just be hallucinations!

“Swear water”?

ado correct I meant sewer

its oBviOuSLy pronounced Nilbork.
ya’ll got it all wrong sMH

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