Nick's level 1-10 video Guide to New Players

Guide is a little over 15 minutes, and is meant to be played along with. I give some tips on gameplay as well. I try to make use of every minute, giving constant verbal & video directions & tips. Made to accomplish level 10 in an hour or less. If it moves to fast you can always pause it. Stay shrooming, my friends.


Very good basic guide on how to get to level 10. I enjoyed watching it even though I already have had multiple characters past level 10. :+1:


I was expecting some trashy guide made by an 8-year-old but what I got was a well thought out video with useful tips and good commentary.

if I was just starting out playing Vesteria this would be the video to watch.

on a side note, next time you make a video be sure to disable the chat so that it isn’t just sitting there and ruining the video but overall amazing quality