New Zone Idea (New NPC Ideas)

The Enchanted Carnival!
This will be more of an optional area to go to, kinda like the Colosseum. The entrance to this place is hidden somewhere near the gnome village in the Enchanted Forest, and the entrance’s location will also be hinted by the gnomes if you talk to them.

Once you come across the entrance there will be an NPC that talks to you before you enter, forcing you to pay a fee of 200 silver (Up to the devs) to come in for the first time, after that the carnival is free to enter. The reason for this price is so that new players cannot access this early, since this is more intended for more high level players.

What To Do In The Carnival
There are many things to do in the carnival, like mini-games, and gambling. Every time you participate in one of these you will receive Carnival Tokens (CT).

What To Do With CT?

Carnival Tokens are a special currency only related to the carnival, and can be traded in for unique armor sets, weapons, and other goodies. These special tokens can also be converted into Mushcoin! The way you can convert these tokens into Mushcoin is to talk to a vendor at the entrance of the carnival, which buys them from you for 100 bronze, or 0.10 silver for 1 CT (May be changed).

Armor Sets/ Weapons

Mages can buy a Jester set which has the following stats:

Fool’s Hat
*Costs 1575 CT
Jester’s Robe
*Costs 2000 CT
Jester Boots
*Costs 1275 CT
Magic Wand
*55 Damage
*Costs 1650 CT

Warriors can buy a gold set which has the following stats:

Gold Helm
*+10 Magic Defense
*Costs 1635 CT
Gold Chainmail
*+12 Physical ATK
*+3 Magic Defense
*Costs 2100 CT
Golden Boots
*+2 Walkspeed
*Costs 1275 CT
Golden Broadsword
*70 Damage
*+45 Max MP
*Costs 1750 CT

Hunters/Rangers can buy the assassin set which has the following stats:

Assassin Bandanna
*+8 Attack
*Costs 1575 CT
Assassin Bandolier
*+30 Ranged DMG
*Costs 1900 CT
Assassin Vest
*+30 Magic Defence
*Costs 2100 CT
Assassin Boots
*+4 Walkspeed
*Costs 1375 CT
Stealthy Bow
*45 Damage
*-0.3s Bow Charge-Up Time (May be lower, I am too lazy to count how long it takes for bows to charge.)
*Costs 1950 CT

There are also some items that you may buy.
Jester’s Essence
*Grants 150HP for 3 minutes at the cost of -2 of every stat (INT, VIT, DEX, STR)
*Costs 550 CT
Goblet Of Fool’s Gold
*You now get 50% more coins when you kill enemies, and open chests for 2 minutes.
*Costs 550 CT
Giant Lure
*Greatly increases the chance for giant, super giant, and giga giant enemies to spawn, without affecting the spawn rate of normal enemies.
*Costs 650 Ethyr
Goblin Essence
*Increases your total speed by 2, yet takes away 5INT for 1 minute.
*Costs 350 CT
Carnival Rune
*Teleports you to the Enchanted Carnival when used.
*Costs 100 CT


Gladiator Battle : This game is a mix of luck and strategy. First off 2 players who are participating in the game will be randomly picked to fight each other (Players with equal stats and level will be chosen). Once the players have been picked, the spectators will bet CT on who will win. If you bet on the losing player, then you will get none of the CT you bet back, but if you bet on the winning player, then you get the x1.5 of your CT back. If you are fighting and you win, you will get all they CT that has been bet on you. The max amount of CT you can bet is 500, and there is a cooldown for when you can play this game. If you lost the game the cooldown is 1h, and if you won the cooldown is 2.5h, but dont worry you can still fight each other, but you will not get any earnings if you win.
(Fee to bet: 8s)

Chess : This is just a game of chess, and if you don’t know how to play chess there will be an NPC that’ll show you. If you win the game you get 75 CT, and the cooldown for this game for both players is 10m.
(Fee to play: 3s)

Trivia : In this game you will be asked 5 questions, and you will get 3 CT per question right, and if you get every question right you get a bonus of 2 CT. The cooldown for this game is 5m
(Fee to play:1s)

Goblin Mania : In this game, at least 2-6 players in a party are required to play. In this game, the goal is to slaughter as much goblins as possible, without dying in a 5 minute time frame. There would be 2 modes, Normal mode for level 15-23, and Hard mode for level 24-30. Normal mode has vast hordes of goblins attacking you, which are higher level (level 9 to level 14). Also, the party has a death limit which is 3 deaths, and if the party does get 3 deaths then it will be game over. If you successfully win the game on normal mode, the party will split 600 CT among themselves. In hard mode, giant, and super giant goblins have a chance to spawn, and the goblin level is raised to level 20, and instead of 3 deaths, the party can only have 2 deaths. Yet the reward for this mode is twice as much as the normal mode (1200 CT split between party). The cooldown for this game is 1h for winners, and 25 minutes for losers.
(Fee to play: 10s)

Archery Range : Even though this game is archery, any class can play it. This game requires 2-8 players, that don’t have to be in a party. The main goal of this game is to get as much points as possible in a specific time frame (2 minutes). If you hit a bullseye then you get 10 points if you hit yellow, you get 8 points, and then the other rings just bring the score down by 2 each time. The player with the most points at the end of the time limit wins an amount of CT according to how much players participated (p-participants x 15 = Earned CT). If you get second the equation is: p x 10 =CT, and third’s equation is p x 8 = CT. And the other players do not get rewarded. The cooldown for this game is 1 hour for winners, and 20 minutes for losers.
(Fee to play: 8s)

Please vote on which mini-game idea is your favorite, and maybe i’ll write a whole post on one.

  • Gladiator Battle
  • Chess
  • Trivia
  • Goblin Mania
  • Archery Range

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Traveling Merchant : This NPC can only be encountered in the carnival inside a camel-led wagon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She’ll appear at times for the west coast on Tuesday, and for the east coast on Thursday. The Traveling Merchant will have a different array of goods every week (Same goods on Tuesday, and Thursday) which are much cheaper and can be bought with mushcoin. Very rarely though, the merchant sells a unique hat for CT. There are 3 types of this hat, 1 for warriors, one for hunters, and one for mages.

Traveler’s Hat (Hunters)
*+28 Defence
*+4 DEX
*+7% more damage
Costs 10000 CT
Ancient Artifact (Warriors)
*+31 Defence
*+2 VIT
*+4 STR
*+30 Max MP
Costs 10000 CT
Cursed Mask (Mages)
*22 Defence
*+3 INT
*+25% Physical Defence
Costs 10000 CT

Nick : This NPC can be found behind a building and talking to him will initiate a quest. After you complete all the tasks you will get a special weapon.

Task 1 : Place the winning bet on gladiator battle.
Reward : 100 CT
Task 2 : Win a game of goblin mania on easy mode.
Reward : 200 CT
Task 3 : Get top 2 on the archery range.
Reward : 300 CT
Task 4 : Beat goblin mania on hard mode.
Reward : 800 CT
Task 5 : Win every single game or get 1st place (Goblin Mania hard mode).
Reward : 1000 CT
Task 6 : Win a total of 5000 CT in gladiator battle as a gladiator.
Reward : Balloon Mallet

Balloon Mallet
*1 Damage
*Can be used by all classes

Please give me your opinion on this final reward for this questline.

  • Keep the final reward the same.
  • Keep the final reward and add something to it.
  • Change the final reward.

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This isn’t a good idea.

It’s a needed idea.


thank you :smiley:

This is a pretty cool ideaa for a place but maybe lower the price of the carnival tokens and the entry price?

@Polymorphic instead of a random Jester event in June why not have it spawn twice(?) a day here?

You can buy the Jester Hat for 10K CT
(Going invis for 5 seconds btw)

are you talking about the fool’s hat or a different hat?

You forgot strength

thanks for letting me know : D

Bruh how do I double vote a great idea

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This is a well thought-out idea and I believe would be a great addition to Vesteria personally, maybe a little more balancing on the items, but definitely great ideas all around. This reminds of the arcade area in Wizard101, while the items achievable were random still was a fun little thing to do. This would be great for endgame players just to play the fun minigames while new content is added.

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Thank you for the feedback!

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This is a really well thought-out idea.

50 Silver is too cheap as an entrence fee - needs to be at least 150+ - it is very easy to get 50 Silver before even reaching Nilgarf.

The minigames to exchange for items would be really fun.

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Great replayablity options, although I don’t get the point of CT if it was convertible to mushcoin.

changed the entry fee and the conversion amount for mushcoin to 100b instead of 150 and also came up with a new game idea that i’ll add soon

CT can be used to buy exclusive armor and items in the carnival, and if you don’t want any to take up any inventory space, then you can convert them into mushcoin.

make it so that you dont have to wait as much on the gladiator battle cuz people will get bored

If I will lower the cooldown, I think the game will either make players gain CT too quickly or lose it quickly.

Why not have generic mushcoin rewards if there is a conversion rate?

Well, I imagined this place to be more like the Colosseum in which it has a different type of currency. If mini games had mushcoin rewards then there wont be any way/point of having a unique currency in this area.