New Weapon Ideas for Classes/Subclasses

I have a couple of weapon ideas for the game 9 to be exact so i decided to put them here

Currently all of the warrior subclasses have good weapons concepts
Berserker gets dual wielding, Knight gets a shield, and Paladin’s are designed to carry heavy weaponry but i have a few ideas that could branch into their own sub or stay side weapons

A whip would be a fun way to give warrior some more range compared to other classes
It could function as a far reaching shot that knocks back pulls in or does many things i just think it would be a nice ranged idea for warrior

A spear would be a weapon a paladin would most likely carry and it would be a poke type weapon with range but not even as close to as much range as a whip. The whip should be stupidly long and the spear should be like double the range of a normal club basic attack

To round out the ranged weapons for warrior we have Bronze Knuckles designed to do a lot of damage and be like a combo weapon that does a lot of damage. It could have an ability to knockup and bring the enemy right back down to set up into more combos. This weapon would be heavily damage and cc focused

Mages would get a unique weapon for each subclass because i think that would better fit with them

Sorcerer would get a really magical looking spell wand that would have a range attack like zap instead of just smacking people with it.

Warlock would get this long menacing looking staff that when you casted it little minions would spawn around you that would be different with each warlock staff. I think of the warlock as being the summoner of this game and thats what i think mages are missing

Clerics would get some sort of healing wristband that allows them to magically use all their abilities out of their hands. With their basic attack they would shoot out a beam that healed allies and hurt foes. Clerics would not have to use a staff and get to use hand magic

Mages in general should get tomes which many posts have already shown the idea for where you put it in your offhand and it will give them some sort of buff or let you cast some sort of other magic and i 100 percent agree with this

Hunters would get a unique sort of weapon for each of their subclasses too

Rangers would get a quiver for their offhand that they could use instead of their dagger that would increase bow damage. The quivers could also have a unique perk that all arrows shot out will change to a certain type of arrow like fire, ice poison etc

Assassins would get a really short dagger that would allow them to perform advanced techniques like a cool attack pattern but this would be optional. They could sweep at the legs back up idk i just want daggers to be like a fast attack weapon that has really cool attack patterns instead of normal swipes.

Trickster is weird so i thought they could get a weapon that would be a jack in a box and whenever they threw it when the jack in the box hit the floor it will laugh and explode. Weapon perks for the jack in the box will dictate what will happen when it explodes like maybe make a perk that knocks everything away from the box or something like that.

hmm… kinda reminds me of a certain class in a certain fighting game that also uses runes as a way of fighting

cough cough strife

What fighting game i seriously do not know what you are talking about to be honest i just wanted a class to use hand magic

Oh i see i never heard of that game

I don’t see why Hunters wouldn’t have access to a spear. It’s literally in the name and is known to be a dexterous weapon.

Also Bows on their own are difficult to make because of their string - whips would be a nightmare to make.

Also, the notion of unique items for each subclass annoy me, it’ll ridiculously narrow down what items are able to use and make future development and item variation incredibly difficult to do. I am fine with minor exceptions such as Maul.

I agree; the strings on bows seem advanced to make and sometimes don’t even work. (Assassin stealth shows the string)

I got the idea of a spear weapon from the npc with a weird long range weapon on the guys back

I chose to suggest a whip because i do not know what else warriors could have for range besides a whip.

Also yeah it would be annoying to give each subclass unique weapons but all of my weapons could technically be used on any subclass except maybe bronze knuckles on knight because that does not work.

Black Magic 2

but I thought this was based off the fact that the hunters live in a port and are great fishers/whale hunters.

yes, but actually no.
assimilator can lifesteal, abyss can self heal, group heal and hand out buffs

wait why am I talking about strife again?