New Weapon Archetypes - Whips and Boomerangs

Closed-range attacks are what appear to be mainly consisting of what Vesteria is, and Mages are mainly dominant in range due to them usually having high intelligence and high mana which is used for their long-ranged Magic Attacks. These weapons would considerably be alternatives to attacking enemies at range.

  • Long-ranged weapons

  • Although there are skills that are long-ranged those require MP while these won’t.

  • Players can choose to manual hold and target enemies or simply click while the character automatically looks towards the enemies.


  • A weapon that falls under the “Warrior” category.

  • Long-ranged weapon that can retract.

  • Powerful weapon that has a high DPS “Damage Per Second” due to it having high attack speed yet it does low damage each hit.

  • Alternative to dealing with enemies with long-ranged attacks or mages.

  • Stated earlier, won’t require MP to use.


  • A weapon that falls under the “Hunter” category.

  • Can travel at fast speeds and can “possibly” hit multiple enemies and returns to thrower.

  • Alternatives:

  1. Travels slow, deals high damage.

  2. Travels fast, dealing low damage.

  • Slower attack speed due to having to travel in the air, should deal damage somewhat equivalent to non-ranged weapons.

Personally, I don’t think Warriors need a ranged weapon, they’re supposed to be the CQ combat faction. Hunters however will be getting bows sometime I’m fairly certain, and I heard poly say something about bows a while ago.

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