New Vesteria Mob (I need opinions and help with this please)

I wanted to make a new mob since I saw the vesteria monster brainstorm topic so I’m making one.

I really want this to be organized so I’ll go in phases (Phase passes will be announced by me in the replies)

Phase1: Design, this will start here, I’ll post the designs I made (y’all can draw versions of it) and we’ll discuss the best one, this one is made out of rock BUT obviously y’all can ask me to draw a design with a turtle shell, our goal is to make it the best possible.

Phase2: Color, we’ll discuss the color design and make lot of versions of it

Phase 3: Mechanics, we’ll talk about how offensive it is and his weak spots, example: it only attacks if you do/it will only chases you if you’re close enough. it’s weak spot will be it’s eye (we’ll talk about how it’ll work later, example: will he put a shield for 15 secs in front of his eye if you attack it?, will it stop moving for a certain amount of time? etc…)

Phase 4: attacks, 1 rule on this: we gotta make the player say “oh shet why did I have to fall on this dude bruhhh”

You read everything? Woah I’m proud of you ;D
Phase 1 starts now!

what do I have to change/improve?

I’ll be right back, I have several bullet hell game attacks that I hate with a passion.

will give as edit to this, keep an eye out.

EDIT: Alright here we go

Chaos Saber
Chaos Buster
Hyper Goner

Monotone on the DETERMINATION Chroma, shown at several points

Timestamp 5:35 to 5:38. That is called Monotone, used on the DETERMINATION Chroma. That attack.

btw this idea will be submitted in poly’s topic when it’s done

we’re at the design part rn but thanks for the list, I’ll check it out. Basically we have to choose which design in the ones I posted is the best, or if you want me to add stuff you can ask me to.

Oh okay.

If this gets added, those attacks (at least some) would definitely make me regret cheesing this guy off. Facing off against Monotone on the DETERMINATION Chroma or something similar is not a pleasant thought. That attack could easily blast a level 30 (in Vesteria’s scaling) into oblivion, without even half-trying.

ooooooooo this looks cool!
Imma do all the phases cus I have a with problem holding back ideas:
This looks good if it where to go in a new area with some more macical things then it fits, but It also looks like it could go in scalp shores (mainly cus the one on the right looks like a squid) if that’s the case then it should look a bit more organic
I like purple
Walking on walls cus it has sharp legs, Maybe drilling through the ground? and also retracting its legs and hiding its self so it looks like a rock
Jumping? Stabbing and scratching for sure and maybe a speckle where it flys up goes into drilling position and shoots straight at you like a homing mussel… that or it digs under you and pops up at your feet doing a lot of damage.

Ok that’s it phases my ideas 2-4 might not end up being anything worth while if we go another way with 1, but there just if the previous phases where also used.

k that’s my idea thanks!

  1. I don’t want to make it a squid lel, we’ll stick to the rounded rock and the cube one

  2. blue/purple for some areas of the body sounds cool

  3. if it’s gonna walk on walls we should probs make it spawn in a closed space, also I like the idea of making it jump, probs jump and shoot lasers from the bottom of it’s legs.

  4. after jumping and throw lasers on players it can pull out a drill from somewhere (since the design isn’t completed)

also these are just versions of 1 mob, tha fact that I drew 4 of them doesn’t mean we’ll use them all, we’re only going to use 1

Why not make it a bulette?

Do you know what a bulette is?

It is also called a “land shark”.

woah woah hold on that’s a great idea, time to make a new design, it’ll be organic instead of rocky.

For attacks, I’d say make it either stun or do damage over time in some form, since no other vesterian mobs really have those features. Also in the case of stuns, it would make the player extra careful of approaching large groups of it since they may get stun locked

actually we’re changing from mob, it was rocky, and guardian looking, we’re making something like a bullete (we’ll change some stuff to not make it a scarab 2.0)

Uhh, a Bulette has effectively stone plating, it’s organic somehow but it’s still stone.

I’ll put some rock armor on it

Alright, close enough for me.

photoshop crashed while I was designing the mob, end me please

ok photoshop told me the bullete was a nono so I listened to him, I’ll keep the rock looking mob

I honestly don’t like the long triangle so I made it a pyramid, let’s have a poll
the one with most votes will be chosen as the perm mob design

  • flat-round design (has a crown in the picture)
  • normal rock design
  • pyramid design
  • cube design

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This kinda reminds me of Stakataka from pokemon

One better: Triforce design lol that’s technically not copyright. Three triangles will evoke that memory for gamers, but it’s not copyright.

DO LAND SHARK (but smaller then the ones that you see on the internet)! that’s a cool mythical creature, also it works with my underground drilling idea so… bias.

Someday, I’ll stay with the rocc rn soz