New type of Subclass for mage/ Idea if permadeath comes outl

So I have in my opinion a kinda nice new Subclass for mages:
Name: Empyreal Sorcerer


1.) Solar Flare
The User Holds up his staff, creating a blinding, pulsing light, that does heavy damage over time. The mage can walk around, while holding up their staff, and light color would be white. Attack duration: 5-7 seconds, mana drain 50-100

2.) Gravitational Swipe:
The User swipes his staff almost like a basic attack and sends a pulse wave, of blinding white energy towards the enemy, This attack has knockback damage and stun.

3.) Lunar Shield:
The user holds up his staff pointed at the enemy, and for the time held down seconds, creates a glowing, kinda faint shield in front of him. It is a medium-sized shield. When an enemy attacks, the shield seems to become more visible and push the enemy away. Every attack drains 10-20 mana, and is a great spell to use in dungeons.

Permadeath Idea:

It would be a pain if you died permanently, wouldn’t it? So here is my idea. You can slam ur staff on the ground, breaking it, draining ur manas, but doing immense damage.

permadeath got scrapped

I’m waiting for the cooking subclass, mate. I’ma be a chef.

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All the mage subclasses have been decided no new ones until further notice

I still don’t have that facepalm reaction :weary: