New type of rune

While playing vesteria with friends, I often run into the problem of having to run a good 15 minutes to get to them, and thats assuming I know where they are. I know a lot of players are annoyed by this, so I came up with this idea. How about I new type of rune thats used to transport someone to another player. Now, of course this would be rather OP if it was just a standard 5s rune that could be bought and you could select the player your traveling too, but I’ve come up with some ideas to fix that. First of all, this rune would be more expensive. I could see it ranging anywhere from 30-50s. Secondly, both players in question would need to have the rune, and the runes would have to be linked up (maybe if players trade runes with one another, the runes link) and this rune would only be usable to teleport to the player you linked with. When your about to use the rune, they player would get a popup, much like trade/battle/party requests asking them if they could be teleported to, and if they were to accept, both runes would be used.

I think a teleportation to friends and guild members is planned (not super sure about that); but it would be cool to at least see what map they are in at all times. Of course players would need to have to option to toggle this, so that they could go “Incognito” when they want.

P.S. Runes now cost 15s. :joy:

I like how nobody realises this and when they ask to buy a rune from me for shop price and I ask for 15 they call me scammer lol


I just wish the Nilgarf shop still carried Great ATK and Great DEF scrolls… little pricey but the most reliable method of getting them.