New Sneak Peaks

If you couldn’t tell, the dagger throw ability is for Hunter class and the slash(?) ability is for the Warrior class. What are your opinions/ideas on these new skills?


It looks pretty promising for Warriors and Hunters :+1:

The warrior slash looks neat for starting a fight and the hunter knife throw would come in handy for finishing off low-hp enemies.

I’m just wondering how well balanced they are later and if there gonna be posting something for the mage class because something for hunter and warrior was already posted. :relaxed:


Looks like they spent time making these, I’m lovin it


Kinda cool :slight_smile:

God damnit I’m late

No New Mage Move For You!

I saw someone talking about how unbalanced the mages are and a developer (not sure which one) said they’d be fixing all the stats for the mage class and that they would possibly make a new skill for mages.

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Berezaa Is The Dev That Deals With Mages, While Polymorphic Does Hunters And sk3let0n Does Warriors.

Polymorphic is my guy to go to if I find problems when I’m being a hunter then…

It seems like hunters get all the good moves. The warriors ground pound right now is completely useless.

IMO, the hunter ability looks really great compared to the knife throw. The throw seems to have a lot of drop-off even from that short of range, meaning that it’ll most likely only be great in the range where an enemy will notice you. The slash for the warriors looks like a high damaging move that will be great to start off a fight with because it moves you forward as well as dealing damage.

Something I’ve realized over my short time playing is the possibility to miss with ranged attacks such as the Rock Throw. I’m not sure if this is directly a bug, but it’s still a cool feature with having high damage skills with a possibility of missing and low damage skills with no miss possibility. I assume the Knife Throw will work like Rock Throw except with more damage.

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If you see in the video, it looks like he aims the knife. This could mean that they added mouse aim instead of auto aim.

The warrior attack might stun enemies or something special like that while also doing heavy damage to enemies so it could be pretty cool.

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Rock-throw missing is a bug, I’m looking into fixing it hopefully this week.

I made a few comments about these two abilities here:


I like the idea of missing attacks though, making high level attacks not so predictable. Maybe have a chance of missing on skills that can be upgraded by scrolls?


I like the idea of it being able to slow enemies. It really fits into what my vision of the hunter is. (Although, it’s not about my vision, it’s about you and the other developers. Keep up the good work!)

That Sounds Great! I Look Forward To This A Lot!