New scroll concept: hallowed scroll

Introducing a new scroll concept, the hallowed scroll.

This scroll acts as a cursed scroll/orb scroll all in one. I’ve been trying to come up with unique concepts I could possibly see in the game.

40% chance to succeed, 60% chance to fail.
IF scroll fails, 70% to destroy weapon, 20% to “hallow” the weapon, 10% to just use upgrade attempt.

Let me explain the stats really quick. This scroll functions similar to a cursed scroll, if it succeeds it does same thing as cursed. HOWEVER, if it fails there is a few different scenarios that could occur. Chance to use upgrade attempt (self-explanatory), chance to destroy weapon (also self-explanatory) and a chance to hallow a weapon. When a weapon is “hallowed” it will be announced in chat. It will be similar to blessing (e.g if icicle +5% crit chance). It can be hallowed as many times as the player meets the chance. If an item has been “hallowed” more than 3 times, the weapon will turn orange.
Let me know your thoughts down below!

And the scroll would have to fail to have… a good effect? Weird.

It is basically the same thing as a cursed scroll but if it fails you have a small chance of getting a positive affect instead of a negative one, it makes sense but really is not a good idea.

edit: the hallowed affect will be more desirable then the cursed affect but cant be grinded for since its a affect of fail rate, I actually have a decent counter proposal for this, i will write it now

What is your counter idea? I am interested in seeing it.


Hallowed Scroll of Weapon ATK/Armor DEF (20%/50%)
(20% main success rate, 50% secondary success rate)

On success - apply hallowed affect increasing weapon extra stats (crit chance, greed, max HP, etc.)
and apply cursed affect, increasing weapon ATK/armor DEF + base skill stats (DEX, INT, STR, VIT)
On fail - 50% chance to apply the cursed affect, 50% chance to destroy the weapon

The hallowed scroll will just be a better version of the cursed scroll with more rewards, but more added risk. This scroll would have to be very rare or else it would be OP

  • 20% chance to get a really good positive outcome (Hallowed affect + Cursed affect)
  • 80% chance for the scroll to fail
  • IF scroll fails - 50% chance for a good positive outcome (Cursed affect only)
  • IF scroll fails - 50% chance for a really bad negative outcome (equipment is destroyed)

Simply put, you have a small chance to get something really good, but if it doesn’t work out you still have a second chance to get the affect of a normal cursed scroll and if you are me and have the worlds worst RNG, you lose everything…

Edit: if 20% success rate is too high you can lower it too 10% or anything really, main concept still works.

Edit2: Try to imagine the hallowed scroll I’m proposing as a exact replica of the cursed scroll, the only difference being that you have a extra 20% chance to get something really good. Its like 2 scrolls in one but the second only activates if the first fails.

I actually really like this counter proposal. Yes, this scroll would definitely have to be rare. Thanks for your input of ideas!

If this gets added I’d get a bunch of lunar staffs and spam hallowed scrolls until one staff gets hallowed and then upgrade from there

That’s why the scroll needs to be rare and hard to obtain, so it cant be spammed.
My goal is to make it a scroll that creates this sort of mentality: “oh cool, I got a hallowed scroll, I will use this instead of my cursed scroll” instead of intentionally trying to get the hallowed affect, do you get what I’m saying its hard to explain.

it still is technically spammable
high levels would have a lot of them anyways