New Screenshot for Hunter Port City

Earlier today, there was a new screenshot for the Hunter Port City
As a fellow Hunter i am excited to see how this will turn out

What do you peoples think?

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For some reason, the way that pic was taken makes it look familiar…like something not form vesteria

That actually looks really cool.
~Sincerely a warrior pleb

lol not as good as warrior stronghold
~ not sin celery a EPIC GAMER WARRIOR

atleast us Hunters dont have to walk up a mountain for 20 minutes just to get some gear

but u have to hike through the beachhshshshs

Lol ya, it’s a pain. I hope Berezaa implements a teleportation system for important landmarks. It saves you a lot of time.

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There will be one eventually check the Trello Page

In the next update too according to where that is placed! :smile: