New quest idea: Treasure hunt trouble

So I had the idea that a new side quest could be added that would allow a different kind of quest for those of us who’ve gotten board doing the same old thing all the time so here is my idea!

the quest will start by talking to a man in some jeans and a red and white striped shirt with a baseball cap and blond hair who’s name is John. (Required level for quest is 28-32 and up) when speaking to john he will say “hey’ya fellow! Clear sky’s today huh?” They player player can then ask him if he has any work for the player by saying “Are you in need of a hand?” John will then say “hmm. Yeah I think I do. You see, I lost some of my stuff while exploring about. Think you can help me find them?” the player will then start the quest treasure hunt trouble. The quest description states “John has lost some of his stuff while wandering about the world. He said that the last place he remembered having them at redwood pass” the player will then head to read wood pass I order to search for the lost items. The first item (which is a baseball glove) Can be found at under the bridge just past the Warrior encampment. You can then take the glove back to john and he will reward you with some and 5 protein shakes (I will explain this other items later). The next part of the quest (yes this is a multi part quest) will begin after a 12 hour wait/cool down and John will then ask the player to go find his ball with is somewhere in scalp shores. The ball can be found next to the cabin where foxtrot is found. The ball can be picked up by interacting with it. The player can then take the ball back to john and will be rewarded 20 silver and a performance booster. After the 12 hour cool down the player can then go to john and get the last part of the quest. John will ask the player to find his bat which he left in the enchanted forest. The bat an be found laying behind Albert figgleglasses wagon. The player can the pick up the bat and take it to john who will then reward the player with 4 possible weapons based on the players class (Warrior gets the wooden bat, mage gets the base ball staff, and hunter has the choice of the little league (dagger) or the pitcher (bow)
Once the player is fine she’s with the quest John will become a mini merchant selling items and will give out mini quest (kill 100 rubees)that will will give a special currency called tickets that can be used to buy the other weapon from the quest and special consumables

•protein shake=2 tickets
•performance booster=4 tickets
•base ball cap=100 tickets
•wooden bat=150 tickets
•baseball staff=150 tickets
•little league=150 tickets
•pitcher=150 tickets

• protein shake: this is a consumable that gives + 2 to every stat for 5 minutes. 2 tickets
• performance booster: this is a consumable that gives +4 to every stat for 2 minutes. 4 tickets
• baseball cap: This is a head gear that gives +10 to Dex +5 to Str and +1 stamina. This can be bought from John for 100 tickets after completing the quest. This can be worn by all classes
• wooden bat: This is the weapon that can be obtained after the quest if compleat and has a base damage of 80-100 and has an equipment perk called batter up! which (I have two ideas for this) idea 1: the player can hold left click to charge a shot that will toss a base ball up in The air and when left click is released the player then hits the ball at said target doing 50-150 base damage . Idea 2: this comes in the form of an ability that is basically idea 1 but in ability form.
• base ball staff: This is the weapon that can be obtained after the quest if compleat and has a base damage of 70-100 and has an equipment perk called multi bounce! This perk is an ability that will shoot 3 mini mage bombs in different directions that will bounce of walls and make a mini Explosion dealing half the damage of a mage bomb and in a smaller Radius then a mage bomb.
• little league (dagger): This is the weapon that can be obtained after the quest if compleat and has a base damage of 92-100 and has an equipment perk called curve ball which is an ability that throws 3-5 daggers that fly out in different directions and curve around to hit one single enemy or multiple enemy’s doing 50-100 base damage per dagger.
•pitcher (bow): This is the weapon that can be obtained after the quest if compleat and has a base damage of 80-100 and a equipment perk called foul play which is a passive ability to where every 10th shot will cause a 20% movement speed decrease for 30 seconds

NOTE: It should be noted that I Designed these weapons to Heavily compete with the forsaken island gear

I hope you take this in to account for a new quest in vesteria. I am open to suggestions!
This is just a rough draft so I will go back And edit so expect changes

Who cares tho? you gotta add a little spice to the game right?

The bows ability seems a little overpowered with the speed being for a minute. Seems like an interesting idea though. If this were to happen, would other sports related quests come to vesteria?

Vesteria is set in medieval times. Big fail :clown_face:

Don’t clown on the guy, even though he voted on his own post. His post has lots of detail and is actually in my eyes a decent idea if it were to fit in with the theme of Vesteria.

Thx that means a lot to me :3