New Quest Idea For Before Being Able To Enter Mushroom Grotto

(Should this quest be implemented, I feel the level for choosing a class should be raised to 11 or 12 (just another opinion)
Before players can enter the mushroom grotto, there will be 2 Chad looking mushrooms in front of the entrance in Mushroom Forest. If you try to enter, a Chad will punch you, sending you flying away (, huge knockback). Now there will be an Old Man (wearing a brown cloak and has a long white beard with white hair and is hunched over with a walking stick) near the entrance to the Grotto. Talk to him and there will be a dialog. The dialog will be starting with the Old Man.

Old Man: There is no use trying to get in there. Those giant mushrooms will stand in your way.
[You] : Then how do I get in there?
Old Man: I may know of a way…
[You]: Please tell me!
Old Man: Fine. But you must bring me a [Insert Name of Cool Potion]. I am unable to help you in my current state.
(Potion will have a low chance of dropping from Elder Shrooms once you accept the quest. They will be unable to drop anymore once you get one.)
If you come back to him without the potion:
Old Man: Come back to me once you have [Potion Name]
If you come back with the potion.
Old Man: Great job! Now hand me [Potion Name]
[You]: Hand over potion
Old Man: Drinks Potion ( You should use the already ingame drinking animation for this)
Note: At this point the Old Man should no longer be hunching over his walking stick. ( You could insert an animation of him throwing his stick away)
Old Man: I feel better already! Now let me get rid of those pesky mushrooms!
[Insert maybe some cool animation of him killing the Chads with a lightning spell or blowing them away with some tornado spell]
Old Man: I feel much better. And those mushrooms should no longer be bothering you.
( If a similar idea was already mentioned, I apologise dearly. It is really hard to find similar ideas just by using the search bar as many people create different names for their ideas. )

This is pretty good, but another idea is that you need multiple spores,mushrooms and beards and somehow mix them into a potion.

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