New Player to Vesteria - My Story

So yesterday, I was a little bored, about to go play something else. Then I saw friend activity on the homepage, showing that someone is playing Vesteria. I heard of it back in August, in fact I checked the game page, but I was busy playing another game at the time. However, this was the chance to try some new Roblox game; I’ve also heard good stuff about Vesteria. So why not try it out?
I started out as a noob, not knowing how to get new items and stuff. Luckily, I had friends who helped me progress. I was impressed by the gameplay and the stamina system. For a moment, it felt like it wasn’t Roblox. It felt sooo much like a real RPG, so amazing. I fell in love with the game, it’s gonna be the next thing I’ll be no lifing.
So that day, I got to level 10, it was tough with all the random damage bugs, but overall, amazing experience. I will buy paid access when it’s avaliable, and I have really good hopes for this game. Keep up the good work, devs!

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I came to this game from the front page, I was bored and chose to check the game out, I am grateful I did.

awwww, welcome to the community buddy! I hope you feel welcome here, we are always happy for new members :heart:

Vesteria is a unique game and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do

I just started to play yesterday,
I loved SwordBurst Online so I want to try this out.

Also I think a trading fee of 30% on trading with gold killed SwordBurst trading for me and is a big reason why I quit.

Same. I came from Swordburst 2, though it died out due to lack of updates, exploiters, and a broken economy. I hope this game receives constant new content, and doesn’t die out anytime soon due to those flaws.

Looks like I’ve already quickly grown part of the Vesteria community over the past week