New PFP For a New Year

Now that Christmas is over, I removed all my bones in my body, took of my clothes, took of my arms and legs, and recolored my skin.





  1. how did you get that hair and those sun glasses,
  2. how did you change your mouth (new is a curve, old is edgy)
  3. How the frig did u take off you’re bodyparts
  4. how the frig did u recolor your skin

I just did.

now u look like justin bieber

oh god Foobs

Stop bullying me guys. I look epic.

yo give ur guy a bowl cut u would look even more epic

A wild Foob has appeared, what will you do?

  • Compliment it’s looks!
  • Say, “ewwwww!”
  • Run away as fast as you possibly can.
  • Rip off your own limbs and color yourself so you can become a Foob too!

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Justin Bieber, that’s Justin…Bieber. End it now, END IT!