New Monster idea: Moles!

Mole Rat (you can create a better idea name if you want)

21-25 (reason for a place after Rubees)

A dark brownish mole like creature with a a head light(color can vary on type of mole) that pops its head in and out of certain areas looking for players. Its eyes are pure white/black and is found in a dark area/cave like area. On the ground you can see a slight hole (not that visible) where the mole rat can pop its head out to hunt players. While moving to a player you can see it moving in the dirt to get close to the player and when it pop out of the ground other mole will notice and come towards the mole now out of the ground.

Behavior and Mechanics:
I have explained how the mole finds and gets to the player (you can change it up if needed/wanted) but the mole attacks a little differently. Some moles will attack the player by melee attacks and other moles will throw rocks at the player (if a super giant/giant version of the mole that throws rocks is spawned the rocks can stun). Moles can spawn in groups and will try to single out a player. if multiple players are trying to kill a mole the mole will back away/retreat. Mole do not spawn that often so they will have a extra amount of health and damage. The moles will try to attack you when you don’t notice and are farming other mobs/fighting other players.

This is my idea it a pretty simple idea i think that might prove hard to implement into Vesteria but i hope it is implemented

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