New Money Sink Concept - Paying to return scrolls previously applied to a weapon?

A thought just popped into my head - the option to pay an Merchant/NPC to have a Weapon stripped of its applied scrolls and to have them returned to yourself in their original scroll-forms, possibly for a fee set by the level of equipment x total damage added on (?(also destroying the original equipment in the process?))

The only current alternative to dealing with former equipment which is no longer sufficient enough to deal with the level of enemies you are facing is to either hold onto it or you haggle it down to another player who would usually be a lower level and to sell it off - selling the weapons to players doesn’t consume the Mushcoin but rather continues circulating it in the player communicate which leads to inflation.

I think this kind of feature would be even more incredible once scrolls beyond Ancient/Cursed are added into the game, the cost of removing said-scrolls would be astounding but possibly worth the coin to do so? And perhaps players may buy bad equipment with the full-intention of paying the fee to strip said-items of their scrolls if they can afford it but the seller cannot.

I believe a lot of people have wished for some kind of system to either transfer enchantments to different weapons, though I think this suggestion is a lot more fluid - transferring enchantments outright would be terrible - it would mean once one person has gotten a single item completely max’d out they would never ever have to buy or acquire scrolls ever again, as they could continue transferring the upgrades.

This suggestion wouldn’t be something that players are forced to do, but rather an potential additional option for players to spend their coins on for said-returns.

I’d like to see peoples thoughts on this.

I like this idea it would help stop inflation while giving players something else to do with old weapons with enchantments that are sitting around in the nilgarf bank

I think this is a pretty good idea but then reset and holy scrolls might have to become very rare. As to make this sink effective.

basically disenchantment system with extra steps

the scrolls returned can’t be full 1:1 with weapon enchants or they will drop in value, disenchanting shouldnt be a luxury

I think that could be determined by the costing of said-disenchants but people have also mentioned if it costed a lot it wouldn’t bother - maybe this feature would only effectively work if even greater scrolls with more value and rarity were added to the game? I’m honestly not sure.

@megukoo What about the level of the weapon, so level 35 costing say, 350 Silver x 1.01-1.14 (+1 damage on the item, up to +14 (the current max)).

So using this calculation system for example a +1 Moko Dagger would cost a total of 353.5 (350x1.01) to disenchant. On the other hand, a +14 Moko Dagger would cost 399 (350x1.14).

Does this suggestion on the costing make any sense to you?

TL;DR Disenchant cost = +10 Silver per level of equipment and then a base multiplier of X1 with 0.01 added onto the multiplier for each +1 in damage.

Shouldn’t worry about needing a money sink because new methods such as the recently added Death Penalty and Tax will be able to take them on.

Player trading is encouraged by Berezaa, especially item trading which is highlighted due to the addition of mushcoin tax.

The reasons why I slightly disagree is:

  1. This may be confusing (Seriously, it took me a while to comprehend what you were suggesting, and I might even have gotten it wrong now)

  2. Player trading is discouraged by this idea, which is encouraged in the game. This is especially relevant because of the addition of mushcoin tax.

  3. The need for this system is not needed at this moment, and it might not serve enough purpose for a system that would potentially take up a lot of time.

Here are some good things:

  1. This idea may encourage the adding of more expensive scrolls, ones that can give +6 or something or even a stat boost or crit boost.

  2. People can recycle their old weapons, for example, if a scroll costs a platinum in player trading and gives +10 atk boost and it’s on a level 45 weapon but level 50 weapons has just came out, I think it’d cost 450 silver to get it back.

i might of misinterpreted this post because i no english good

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Pretty close, and your reasoning makes sense.

Though for the costs and your example you didn’t add the multiplier I suggested which would be a 0.01 add on for each +1 of damage.

So in your example it would be 450 x 1.15 which would mean overall it’d cost 515.

Looking back I can agree about this system not being relevant until much rarer scrolls release but I also believe one regards to the taxes that inflation is still occurring, just at a much more healthy rate.

This idea was more random and I just wanted other view points which have made me realise the flaws in this.


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