New Mob - Trolls / Bears

These would be found in Redwood pass, at the top of the mountain. As it is, Redwood is a rather boring place to be with no real purpose, other than the EXTREMELY long walk to the Stronghold, to which no one really goes. I believe that this would be an excellent mob to add to the game overall, and maybe you could also add some other animal-like mobs such as Bears to Redwood.

Leave your thoughts below!

There will be mobs there eventually. It isn’t intended to remain empty.

Bears and Trolls do fit the theme in my opinion though, so an interesting thought.

Maybe Frost Wolves higher up in the mountain

These are what I picture when I hear Frost Wolf, and I think that would be cool

s0rt of pertaining to this topic(not rly but eh) but did they find a blender animator yet to do new mob animations?

yes they did

dire wolves

werent those made of salt and not ice

oh, nice

I really like this idea. I think Redwood is a W.I.P., so this’d make sense that they’d add something. If not… Yeah, no, Warrior has the worst base.

w8 wht why do u say warrior has the worst base just because there’s no mobs near it?

I think he just said that because the walk is painful.

The Warrior base looks stunning.
Quite beautiful, and in my opinion really fits the Warriors.

Only problem is, there’s not much to do at the warrior base.

Warrior base stunning, but hunter base beautiful

You guys are wrong the modern mage city with flying cars is the best base