New mechanic ideas

Back from last time, and with another idea. Is it possible to add potion craft or an enchantment table. But the most anticipated idea I have is spellcraft where you could have a maximum of 7 effects it can do. Some thing like beam,slow, lightning,frost,drain, and then you could make the name the “FrostBite” or something and it’ll add the effects together to make a laser(beam part) and use some mana depending on its dps or how long a buff/debuff would last. If ya think it’s a good idea, you could tell me and ask people/me to add what effects we want cuz I have a lot of ideas for this. Also traps/runes could count as spells.

I never really liked this idea because everything is either beam fire, or ball poison, it’s not very unique and just different skins of the basic attacks (beam, ball, blast, etc)