So this skill is a powerful holy-style magic.

When used, it creates a glowing white runic-looking circle around the caster. Shortly after, about 1.5 seconds, a huge flash of white light is unleashed, dealing significant (roughly 1.5k to an unarmored level 20, assuming level 1 skill). To get this skill, you must have Mage Bomb level 6 (if mage skill) or Flare level 5 (if cleric skill).

10 second cooldown, 5 levels.

Wow nothing on this yet? C’mon, I need feedback.

Maybe it could be a variant of flare? Unless ber says no variants of skills other than mana bomb, then it could be an ability obtained from the orb? Anyways, good idea, like I always see from you.

I feel like it would be a bit too small to be added as a standalone faction/subclass upgrade. Maybe create a series of these tweaks/perks for all classes? It does seem quite cool though.

You have no idea how much that means to me. You can’t even begin to imagine how much that just brightened my day.


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