New Mage Base Attack

I think it would be more interesting and would make more sense if the mage basic attack was a small AoE attack, dealing minor damage, and also perhaps draining a small amount of MP (Maybe each Mage staff would have a different basic attack).

This idea is very controversial, but leave your opinions below!

Your topic is very similar to this one’s which is very similar to yours and I recommend you research the forums so you have ideas that aren’t too similar to the ones you have. Different mage basic attacks will inevitably come as it is something the developers have thought of (of what I remember correctly).

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I have, indeed, done research and the suggestions that have been made are not what I had in mind.

it suggests the same thing but with a different twist.

I made a topic over how the normal base attack could work as in mages, and other few tweaks to make the mages more fun How to really imrpove Classes. "and other small things"

I read the entire thing before I posted this.