New Landing Page + Forum Upgrades

We’re super happy to unveil our website’s brand new landing page, courtesy of Melon Development, along with a huge upgrade to our forums server to accommodate the surge of new players.

Welcome to the new Vesteria hub:

Our new landing page automatically pulls relevant videos about Vesteria, and even displays recent forum announcements and community posts:

Let us know what you think below, and if you have any cool suggestions for other stuff that we could put on our landing page. Cheers!


This is epick.


Looks amazing! I’m glad the forums are back up as well.


The Photo’s preview some awesome stuff, and this comment’s just nitpicking what’s already beautiful but it’s just a bit strange for one of the website’s tabs to be used to view 5 photos.

Maybe a feature in the future to view an entire album? You could even host competitions on producing cool map shots and then feature them on the site as well as a little bio of the person who submitted the picture - would promote a lot of community interaction

It’s still amazing though :grin:

Oh and I know people have posted inappropraite forum posts before, and it appears there may not be a filter on the featured forum posts - I assume there’s some kind of minimum day requirement for the post existing in order to be seen on the site though.

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holy jesus im on the pic two times



(BTW this is an awesome forum upgrades)

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Definitely an upgrade from the previous website. I love it!

im in the pic…

rigged, 3 users for 6 posts, also, the “author” is for what appears to be the latest post, but the link still points to the original topic, so the author should be the original poster, correct?

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Now this, this right here, this is beautiful.

Worth the shutdown


Lmao thx I was too lazy to make the actual meme

I knew what you were thinking, lol.

looks pretty great, much more clean and smooth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh hey I didn’t even notice I was in the screenshot ;o

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