New Knight/Paladin Skills

Disclaimer: This post is dedicated to PvE and PvE balancing, not PvP

The Lowest of the Low

According to Berezaa’s Subclass Balancing Poll, Knight and Paladin are the two least-played classes; at 6% and 5% of players using them respectively. Combined, they make up 11% of the playerbase. Ideally, that’s how many player’s you’d want one subclass to have.

As far as I see it, this is because Knight and Paladin are both pretty weak and not incredibly fun to play.

Paladin’s Smite is pretty much the only thing going for it, since Rebuke has a long cooldown, and Prayer of Comfort is outright useless because of its low healing (but that’s a problem for another time). Now, Smite will most likely be changed into a hidden-perk basic attack buff from using Int. Because of this, Paladin will be down a move!

As for Knight, they only get 1 attack move: Shield Charge, which is a single-target move with only 300 power and a whopping 6-second cooldown, at max level. Inspire, which provides a buff to Defense, which effectively provides a flat-damage reduction of 15 attack (with high margins of error at low damage values). This means 10% less damage at 150 receiving damage, 5% less at 300, and so on. Taunt is taunt. Pretty much only useful in dungeon settings or with a team.

In this post, I will suggest a new Paladin move and two more Knight moves.

Paladin Move: Plume

Fight with the Earth’s light!

Raise your sword and draw out the light of the Earth to smite your enemies. The plume will sustain itself with your Mana for the duration of the attack; however, it’s power allows you to use Magic moves at no Mana cost at all!

Plume is an AoE summoning attack which summons an golden orb out of the ground to attack your enemies. After being drawn out, the Plume will begin shooting golden, rounded-off cylindrical projectiles which home in on enemies, at the cost of your Mana over time.

After being shot, the projectiles target the nearest enemy to themselves. That way, if an enemy the projectile is targeting dies, it will move on to the next enemy closest to it. Any projectile which travels out of the Plume’s range is instantly destroyed. Projectiles move at a player’s base walkspeed (not run).

While in effect, the Plume grants a status effect to the user which drains Mana over time. However, the effect also allows the user to use Magic moves at no cost of Mana. As you level up this move, it will get very strong at the cost of nearly all Mana. The only actual Mana cost is the initial cost, and the Plume will not despawn if the user runs out of Mana.

In PvP, the projectiles can be destroyed by players (only to PvP-enabled players; neutral players will not be able to destroy them). The Plume itself can also be destroyed in PvP; the Plume would have equal HP and Defense to that of the Paladin summoning it. Once destroyed, the status effect inflicted on the user immediately ends.

Below is the table for Plume as you level it up (cooldown is a constant 90s, initial Mana cost 100)

Level Power Shots/Second Duration Radius % Maximum Mana Drained Per Second
1 75 1 45 10 5
2 75 1 45 15 7
3 90 1 60 15 9
4 90 2 60 15 11
5 105 2 60 20 13
6 105 2 75 20 15
7 120 2 75 25 17
8 120 3 90 25 19
9 120 3 90 30 21
10 150 3 90 30 25

And below this is the hidden perk table!

Amount Strength Dexterity Intelligence Vitality
30 Projectiles can pierce once Projectiles move 50% faster** N/A Projectiles heal by 1% of damage dealt
70 N/A Projectiles move 100% faster** Projectiles create a 10-stud radius explosion on hit* Projectiles heal by 3% of damage dealt
100 Projectiles can pierce twice Projectiles move 200% faster** Projectiles create a 10-stud radius explosion on hit* N/A

*70-Int projectiles only explode on final hit, while 100-int projectiles explode on all hits; on hits where the projectile explodes, the explosion replaces the hit so the projectile doesn’t hit twice.
**This would be 1.5x base walkspeed, 2x base walkspeed, and 3x base walkspeed respectively for projectile speed.

TL;DR: summon ball to kill enemies with ranged attacks, takes all ur mana

Knight Move: Shield Slam

Get the drop on your enemies!

Jump up and slam down! With this move, you’ll launch yourself into the air and smash into your enemies, shield-first, to deal heavy damage.

Shield Slam is a single-target focus attack with potential in both mobility and power. Simple in concept, this is a basic move which can be customized to your liking using the hidden stat perks. In order to deal damage, you must land on top of the enemy’s hitbox (assuming a cubic/rectangular hitbox). Leveling the move increases power and jump height. Shield slam is intended to be versatile such that, depending on your playstyle, you might not want to fully upgrade this move.

The user can move sideways (but not sprint) while in the air from using the skill.

Below is the level chart for Shield Slam. Jump multiplier determines the jump power, which is based off of your character’s base jump height.

Level Power Jump Multiplier Mana Cost Cooldown
1 500 1.5 20 8
2 600 1.5 20 8
3 600 1.75 20 7
4 700 1.75 30 6
5 700 2 30 5
6 800 2 30 4
7 800 2.5 30 5
8 900 3 35 5
9 900 3.5 35 5
10 1000 4 40 6

And below this is the hidden perks section!

Amount Strength Dexterity Intelligence Vitality
30 Creates a 6-stud radius slam* 1.5x aiming speed in air 15% lower cooldown 1 second of immunity after landing a hit
70 Creates a 10-stud radius slam* 2x aiming speed in air 25% lower cooldown 2- second immunity after landing a hit
100 If the enemy survives, stuns for 2 seconds** Landing hit no longer limited to the top of hitbox Attack scales by Intelligence 25% increased defense while in air

*Slam effect is akin to Ground Slam; deals 50% of Jump Slam’s power and will not hit the enemy hit by the primary slam.
**Stun does not hit enemies affected by the slam; only the enemy hit by the primary attack.

Knight Move: Flying Sword

The sword does the work for you!

Toss your sword and let it spin; it’ll come right back! You might want to defend yourself while it’s gone- that’s what shields are for!

Flying Sword is a damage-over-time focused ranged attack which leaves the user unable to attack while it is active. The attack begins by the user throwing their sword to a destination of their choosing; this can be anywhere in the attack’s maximum range. The sword will then stay there for a given time, spinning and dealing damage, or until the user calls it back. While the sword is out, the user will not be able to attack and will be forced to defend with their shield. If no shield is equipped, the user will be defenseless.

Normally, the sword can only be thrown to areas on the same depth/altitude/height of the player and can not be thrown upwards or downwards.

After being thrown, the sword will deal damage to all enemies in its path; after reaching the spot the user aimed for, it will then stay there for some time, repeatedly dealing damage several times per second to any enemies it collides with. If the user decides they want to attack on their own, the can call the sword back by using the ability again. The cooldown only starts once the sword returns.

Without the sword, the user will be forced to defend with their shield. They can aim their shield based on which direction their character is facing. If an attack hits the shield’s hitbox, it will deal less damage to the user; the damage reduction from this varies by level.

Below is the table for level bonuses.

Level Power per Second DMG Reduced Max Range Max Duration Cooldown* Mana
1 100 10% 10 2 4 15
2 125 10% 12 3 4 15
3 125 15% 14 3 5 20
4 150 15% 16 4 5 20
5 175 20% 18 5 5 25
6 175 20% 20 6 6 25
7 200 25% 22 7 6 30
8 200 25% 24 7 6 30
9 250 30% 26 8 5 35
10 250 30% 30 10 5 40

*Cooldown only begins once the sword is returned to the player.

And below this is the hidden perk section!

Amount Strength Dexterity Intelligence Vitality
30 1.5x damage when thrown or returning 1.5x return speed 1.2x max duration 20% increased shield damage reduction
70 2x damage when thrown or returning 2x return speed 1.35x max duration 50% increased shield damage reduction
100 1.5x sword size during attack* Can be thrown up and down Attack scales by Intelligence 20% damage reduction without shield**

*Essentially increases AoE radius by 1.5x
**You still need to have a shield, but decreases damage of attacks even when not blocked.

Anyways, I’m hoping these attacks can bring more justice to Paladin and Knight and allow them to hold their own in Vesteria. Right now, they’re definitely the weakest Warriors, which in turn are the weakest class. Although Warriors’ health helps with this, DPS is the main deciding factor in all PvE battles. As for PvP, I’m really not sure how useful Shield Slam and Flying Sword would be although, Plume would be a destroyer in the Colosseum.

Both classes having to rely on their basic attack (which they do) is unacceptable; Paladins and Knights are severely overshadowed by all other classes, and are barely able to grind for loot or fight bosses without finding an area with no other players. Hopefully, implementing these skills would allow both classes to better find their place.

If you have any feedback, or believe any numbers are too high or low, feel free to reply and I’ll take a look!

I like the sword boomerang and how it could go well if you use a shield smash when its coming back, it matches perfectly. Also for Plume I would just change it to a light clone that only does basic attacks but those basic attacks or mini smites like the int perk, either high dmg low hp or medium medium I cant see it as a high hp minion but low dmg. Finally for plume again either a mana per second or a duration on the minion. EX: 10-20 mps (mana per second) or 60 second duration 90 second cooldown.

I feel like the current plume fits it will, though, and the % of maximum Mana per second works better because of the move’s power.

knight isn’t meant to do insane damage, they’re meant to be tanky. i believe taunt should be replaced at most.

Knights are meant to be tanky (and I’m not saying Inspire should be replaced) although all classes should have an equal opportunity to deal damage.

knight has the HP benefit, pairing that with the same damage as every other class is a bad idea. knights would shred everything and never have to fall back.

I think so to definitely I feel like other classes should do more than others, its logical but each class has to have some offensive move to benefit them and shield bash doesnt do enough. (in pve, pvp that sh*t got me mad)

Exactly this. Knight can resist a lot, but it still can’t deal enough damage to be viable at all. At the very least the class needs to be viable enough for people to play.

right, shield bash definitely isn’t enough, but looking at the abilities it looks like knight is a utility class it seems like.

Yes it does, I want a balance between your guys beliefs, I want knight to be a little less tanky but more dmg. I feel like Jonno is taking away most of the tankyness and you are wanting to keep it under dmged but still a lot more tanky

making knight a little less tanky, for instance just as tanky as berserker/paladin, and giving it extra damage would just make it another berserker/paladin. part of me thinks knight needs a full ability rework.

Im not saying that im saying make it a little more tanky than berserker/paladin but a little less dmg.

sounds decent, but a little less damage isn’t a drawback for being tanky. it’d be interesting to see knights have slow attacks (possibly burst) in turn for their health.

Jonno I actually feel like paladin should get a support ability to replace comfort or some other move such as a mix between berserker and knight. Ex: you get a golden armor around your body and you deal more magic basic attack dmg but take less magic dmg. But with that the devs would have to add more magic dmg dealing enemies.

Although Paladins could definitely use more support capability, that would just make them into what Knight is now; only 1 attack and 2 support abilities.

You could just replace the prayer then have 2 attack and 1 half attack 1 half def

Replace taunt with a knight passive that makes enemies target you over other players.

Add an attack ability that puts the weakness debuff from taunt onto any enemies it hits.

knight should get a move where he pulls an enemy toward him with a harpoon and the enemy can only target the knight

As an active knight player I can surely say that the ability I use the least is the defense buff. I think it should be replaced by some attacking ability with low damage but defensive advantage (like the flying sword for example). Also I’d not replace taunt since more dungeon will be added to the game and taunt will become more needed to keep enemies away from glass cannons. Shield bash is okay it does roughly 1/4 less than ground slam (both maxed), the straight line hitbox isn’t that much problematic imo.

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I have to say, this is pretty epic.