New Item quality system

This would introduce 2 new mechanics: Equipment quality, and a new blacksmith NPC that could be found in towns.

  • Item qualities
    When an item is created, it would have the option to drop with one of two qualities.
    These would include Pristine, and Regular. Lower quality tiers include Damaged, and Ruined.
    If a player dies in a danger zone (Anywhere where the death penalty applies) their equipment will be brought down a tier. This would go from Pristine to Regular to Damaged and then finally down toRuined. Items of the 2 lower qualities would have reduced stats and overall would look worse. Equipment downgrades could be lightly mitigated through cleric resurrection, although some of your equipment still might get damaged and go down a tier post-res.
    Pristine items could be obtained through any method of obtaining an item. Shops, bosses, you name it. They could drop as Pristine items, or as Regular items.
    A Pristine item would come with a percentage-based bonus to the item’s damage or defense, ranging from X-Y. They could even drop with special perks exclusive to items with the pristine quality.
    Regular items could be obtained the same way as pristine items, albeit much more often. They wouldn’t be special.
    Damaged and Ruined items would be unable to be obtained from drops or shopkeepers. They could only be created through a player’s death. You could also buy Bootlegged items, which would be incredibly cheap but would look hilariously ugly and would be locked to the quality of Ruined items. Not even a blacksmith could fix a Bootlegged item for you.

  • The Blacksmith
    The blacksmith would be a non player character inside of major cities and towns. He / She could repair your items for a large fee. This fee would exponentially get larger depending on how many scrolls the item has applied, or how damaged it is.
    If the item has been damaged and repaired before in the past, repairing it will be more expensive. If you allow your item to be damaged beyond the Ruined quality, it will keep its stats the same but become more and more expensive to repair on each death.

    If you decide that you want to upgrade your Regular item back to pristine, you would need to pay an even larger fee. It would probably be cheaper to test your luck and just buy more of the item from the shopkeeper in hopes that you get a Pristine item, but that has the risk of not giving you a pristine item at all. If an item was created as Regular, it will have a chance of gaining a Pristine item perk along with the random stat bonuses granted by the quality. If your item was Pristine and got knocked down to a lower quality, you could bring it back up for an exorbitant fee. Doing this would not allow the item to get a Pristine item perk, and would always give it a lower bonus than the pristine item originally had.


I feel like different tiers of weapons will unbalance the economy again

It would be implemented as a money sink alongside the new death penalty. Die while wearing your fancy armor with 4 gold tier scrolls on it? Too bad, that item is downgraded and it will cost such a ridiculous fee to repair it back up a quality tier that you’d go bankrupt trying to pay said fee.

Alongside that, it’d add more value to your items. You might play the game using a spare set of cheaper armor and weapons, as to not let your best equipment be downgraded.

ye, but when “rare” stuff were released (the masks), so many were tossed around in the economy, that now a mask is like less than 1g (b4 tax update)

Pristine items wouldn’t be rare. It’d be a pretty high chance for an item to drop or be bought as a pristine variant. They wouldn’t hold much more value unless they had a perk on them, in which I could see them being sold for a lot of money. Anyone could buy 5 sets of nightstrider armor and make profit from selling the high quality pieces that they got to drop. Or, they could lose a ton of money from buying that armor and getting 4 regulars and a pristine with +1 defense.

This could actually sort of fit well with

@Meta Accidentally put this in general discussion. Can you move it to gameplay improvements - new features?

I got it. For next time, remember that any Regular can do it.

I agree with the blacksmith part only, besides for the part where the price to repair goes up the more you repair it which is an absolutely horrible idea. This would greatly discourage the use of scrolls as even if you get luck and get a red or gold tier weapon its just going to become insanely expensive to repair eventually to the point where it’s not even worth repairing. This is considered a penalty for repairing an item multiple times which is something Berezaa has said he will not implement when he first decided that he may add durability in the first place. I also don’t think that items should do less damage when they are damaged as this would just increase how frequently you would have to travel to a town and get your item repaired in order to keep it doing high damage. This would be extremely annoying.

Would you rather have slightly weaker weapons from dying (5-10% reduced stats) or have your items be permanently destroyed on death?

The point of having upgrades get more and more expensive is to make it so people don’t use the same items too much. Items would end up being more expendable, and their prices would have more meaning since it could be cheaper to just buy a new armor piece and sell the heavily-used armor piece or weapon to a player.

There’d always be super rich players willing to buy your heavily-used weapons and armor in order to repair them, so you could still salvage some of the item’s value back and purchase a new version.

I wouldn’t want the increasing price per repair, as I agree it’d make going for really high upgrade weapons more or less pointless. At that point I’d personally just put greats on my weapons and just have multiple weapons as back up so I wouldn’t have to deal with that system, unless the price wasn’t as ridiculous as mentioned before and it didn’t go up an extreme amount each upgrade.