New idea for new area-Volcano and Igneous Forge

So a cool idea came over me and it was a high level location known as the Furious Alps (you can make a different name if you want) and this location would have the Igneous Forge hidden within (yes thats a miners haven reference). This place would possible be level 27 or higher and the main (weakest) enemy would be level 25 and that could be a magma blob bouncing toward you and if you get jumped on and take damage (possibly fire damage that hurts you over time). Next enemy could be a fiery rock monster that will be level 28 and spawn higher up the volcano, they will just hit you but it would be cool if they breath fire. Last enemy will be a level 35 boss and it should be a lava golem found right in the heart of the volcano (maybe some parkour to get to it) and this enemy will try to stomp you or throw large boulders at you. More about the Igneous Forge idea, it will be a place to buy special “lava” weapons OR a place for special scrolls or taking scrolls of to redo your scrolls on an item. Plz like this so others see it and I can get the idea out there. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

and lava will kill you duhh