New "Heavy" (Two-Handed) Weapon Idea

Level: 45
DMG: +95
Upgrade Slots: 3
Perk: “Boulder Thrower” - makes Rock Throw deal 1.5x damage. Does not stack.
Tooltip: “This ultra-heavy warhammer is ideal for knocking rocks around - even full-size boulders.”
Drop Rate: 2%?

This makes Rock Throw deal much more damage, and so it deals much less DMG than other weapons of its level to balance that out. This keeps Magic Missile and Rock Throw somewhat balanced cough cough astrologist’s staff cough cough and thus keeps the game slightly more balanced.

95 damage on a level 45 weapon is pretty weak. (Spider weapons are about as strong) This perk would be better suited on a weapon like the savage axe.

Rock Throw is an awful skill if you are not an Adventurer.

Don’t see the perk being useful at any point for Paladins.

Look how powerful Magic Missile became with the Astrologist’s Staff. That’s about the same as this.

Astrologist’s staff is a legendary weapon. So is webbed staff. It’s intended to be super powerful.

So is this.

It’s a 3-star. It’s a common weapon, not a legendary. Legendary weapons are 5 star, rares are 4 stars, and commons are 3 star.

If this is a legendary weapon, why did you write it as 3 stars?

Astrologist Staff deals about 5x or more damage compared to a normal Magic Missile. Rock Throw doesn’t auto aim, has a longer cooldown, AND does less than Magic Missile. And a 1.5x damage multiplier and that’s it? I really don’t see this being useful or even viable.

This is intended to just be a sort of QoL improvement, not super useful, just something nice to have. Take a look at the The Stinger for example. There are so much better weapons of lower level that it’s just not worth getting. This is kinda similar. Also, it gives lower levels more reason to strive for the higher levels, to be able to use this.